Why The Scale Is Totally Worthless

Unless you’re obese simply losing weight SHOULD NOT be your main measure of success. In fact, if you’re at a healthy weight, it is a horrible way to determine your progress. You need to be tracking your body-fat percentage and/or your measurements at the hips and waist. A few examples why…




Photo credits to “muscle makes all the difference”: http://www.navelgazingblog.com.

Basing your results on pounds alone will put you in a mentally destructive state. Your appearance won’t match your results. A diet/training program that is causing you to lose muscle is simply damaging your metabolism . Base your results on performance gains like doing more pull-ups, your clean and jerk one rep max, your 400 meter sprint time, etc… How your clothes fit is a reasonable way as long as you keep in mind that the water weight you hold is going to vary from day-to-day. Spend your time, energy, and emotion on tracking things that actually matter and are indicative of your health and wellness like your blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting blood sugar levels… Just something to keep in mind for all you people basing your self worth on a truly worthless number. 🙂 … Keep calm, WOD on, and God bless.

-Coach Barnett

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3 Responses to Why The Scale Is Totally Worthless

  1. Hello! Would you please post a link crediting the “muscle makes all the difference” before and after photo to its proper source? This is a photo of me and my progress from personal training. It’s from my blog, NavelGazingBlog.com! Thank you!

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