New Standards For 50% off Discout

Hey Shepherds! We have set new standards for earning the 50% off for life discount. These are also broken down on the “Getting Started & Pricing Information” section of our website.

We have had two clients complete the challenge so far: Jeff Limbacher & Carlos Dominguez! Great work guys and congratulations.

Sadly, with a growing business come more “rules”. It’s simply the nature of things. With a big enough group of people you are going to get some rotten apples that make things difficult for the rest of us. As a result, we must get a little bitter tighter on our rules over time to protect and maintain the training environment that we have worked so hard to build over the past couple of years.

Here are the new standards:

  • You can also EARN a 50% discount for LIFE by coming 6 days a week, for 6 months straight.

**Please keep in mind, this is a privilege, not a right. I am completely aware that it is really hard to complete. It is something I am doing to try to better our box and facilitate your success. I’m taking money out of my family’s pockets to try to motivate you. Don’t betray that trust. I am simply challenging you to make your health and wellness a priority despite obstacles that will no doubt be put in your path. In return, you will be rewarded with a discounted membership.**

*Requirements & Notes:

  • Verification: Your completion of six months will all be verified using our check-in system. Saying, “I just forgot to check-in” or “The scanner didn’t read my card right” is not a valid excuse. If our system is down, you can email me (Email must be received on the same day that you came.) and i will keep the email to verify your attendance. It’s your responsibility to make sure you checked in correctly or that it is documented via email. 
  • Invalid excuses: being sick, injured, stuck at work, not being able to get a baby sitter, catching every light on your way to the box, or any other excuse doesn’t count.
  • Valid excuses:
  1. A week that has a holiday in which we are closed. If we are closed one day, you are still expected to complete 5 workouts that week. If we are closed 2 days, you are expected to complete 4 workouts that week. If we are closed 3 days, you are expected to complete 3 workouts, etc.
  2. A family or business vacation. During these weeks you must still complete 6 workouts. For example: 4 WODs at CrossFit FMS & 2 WODs at ANOTHER CROSSFIT AFFILIATE (Check the: Affiliate Finder Map) near wherever you are traveling. This must be verified with a picture of the whiteboard at the box you worked out at with you next to it.


  • Travel WODs/Hotel WODs are NOT a valid replacement for missed classes.
  • The discount will be applied to our current monthly membership fee regardless of whether or not you were grandfathered in at a different rate. This 50% discout will make all other discounts void.
  • Once your discount is in place, you must remain a month-to-month member. This deal becomes void if you remove yourself from auto draft.


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