Music & CrossFit

This is what i think when you say, “Change the song!” Really… you’re worried about the song and you’re lifting weights that are literally lighter than my grandma’s purse…

First, let me set a new rule:

Unless you have a +1000lb (+660lbs for ladies) CrossFit total, you’re not allowed to complain about the music. Complainers will do 10 burpees on the spot.

Don’t qualify? You have much more important things to worry about and focus on. I promise, the music isn’t what is holding you back. You’re brain should be focused on the movement, not the background noise.

Besides, the music is representative of EVERYONE who trains here? Not every “bro” likes to hear Selena Gomez, i get that. Some of these ladies LOVE that “girl power” stuff and they ask me in private to add it to the playlist. Equally, on the other end of things, i see ladies roll their eyes every time Pantera comes on but they put up with it because the “bros” dig it. Don’t like the music? Ignore it. I’m not going to entertain a conversation/debate about what “good” music is because it’s all personal preference.

Would you like something added that isn’t on the playlist? If it isn’t explicit, i will add it on there. You have input so you have no excuse to show up to class and complain MID-WORKOUT! 

This concept came from CrossFit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. A CrossFit Games athlete, Ronnie Teasdale is the owner. It’s in the heart of the ghetto and one of their gym rules is that you can’t complain about the music unless your CrossFit Total is over 1000lbs. These people understand that there are much more important things to worry about than what music is playing during your air-conditioned training session.

Lastly here are two of my favorite CrossFitters chiming in on the subject:

1.) Josh Everett “Go find something else to do” (Fast forward to 48 seconds)

2.) Mikko Salo “Mental silence” (Fast forward to 8:38) 

Keep calm, WOD on, and God bless.

-Coach Barnett

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