Getting Started & Pricing Information

Getting Started:

-Step 1: Sign up for elements. This is required for new clients. Select the “What Is Elements” link from the menu above for more information on what the elements program includes. There is a one time fee of $150 for the elements classes and you must successfully complete elements before you attend the regular CrossFit classes.

  • Please call: (432)288-8631 
  • You can walk in and talk to one of our CF-L1 Trainers : Mark Garza, Clara Garza, Sebastian Garza, Justin Roland or Nate Gomez
  • Or email: to schedule.

If you aren’t ready to commit to the elements program, you are welcome to come in and watch any WOD (workout of the day) OR come try us out at the Saturday WOD at 10:00 AM. This workout is as challenging as always but the movements that I program are beginner friendly and coached with first-timers in mind. Your FIRST Saturday class is free.

-Step 3: Once you have finished elements, pick a pricing package that works for you.

Pricing Packages:

The following prices require you to be set up for auto draft through a credit, debit or checking account. This is not a contract and you can cancel with a 30 day written notice.   You can also sign up without auto draft but the price is $25 extra for each month’s dues.


  • Drop-In Rate: $20
  • Monthly Membership: $150

Family/Married Couple packages:

  • Monthly Membership: $250 per couple


  • You are not tied into a contract however a 30 day written notice is required to cancel.  We do not issue refunds or pro-rate fees related to cancelling without proper notice.



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