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  1. Cindy Bradshaw says:

    Enjoyed your COD video! It was fun to watch. I was wondering on your website you promote the paleo/zone method for your athletes, but I also noticed in the side bar you have a link to Eat to Perform. Though I love Eat to Perform they really don’t promote paleo/zone. Their philosophy is no food is a bad food, which includes rice, pasta, sweets, etc. for carb sources. In some of Paul Nobles articles he mentions that he eats mostly whole foods but doesn’t eliminate any food. If you join their science forum most of their moderators encourage quick carbs such as white rice, sugary cereals, rice crispy treats, etc. post workout in order to restore ones glycogen after a wod and at bedtime for preparation of the morning wod and for better sleep. I believe you can use their method, which is really about eating your macros, and still eat paleo but not sure about the zone (how much). I guess I’m just wondering how you fit these two groups together for your athletes? Also, what carb sources do you mostly eat in order to get at 40%. Fruits are too high in sugar and there is just no way I could eat that many veggies. When I tried strict paleo my carbs were way too low and so was my performance. I certainly don’t “feel” good to feed my body rice crispy treats, sugary cereals, etc. but I do struggle to get an appropriate amount of carbs without oats, some rice, etc. Just thought I would ask for your thoughts! Cindy B

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