The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit

This will be my one and only post about CrossFit making you bulky. I get just a little tired of breaking it down again and again for people. From now on i will just direct them to this blog post. Training AND EATING like an athlete who wants to be a generally capable human being in all areas of fitness (AKA CrossFit) makes you LOOK like a healthy human being. Period. Please avoid CrossFit if you are scared to look like Christmas Abbott…


(Photo of Christmas compliments of:

Or Camille Leblanc-Bazinet…Image

Or Julie Foucher…


Or Lindsey Smith…


I think you get the point.


On the other hand, women like this…


or this…


…are the product of hormone therapy (steroids) along with a strength and conditioning program designed to make you look as muscular as possible with no real desire to actually improve physical performance. The majority of bodybuilders are NOT weightlifters. They are not worried about becoming stronger, or better conditioned. Essentially the opposite of CrossFit. Let me make it clear that I am not trying to bash the sport of body building. These people are among the most dedicated and hardest working athletes in the world. That being said, their entire sport is basically built upon the idea of LOOKING good. The judges in bodybuilding don’t award points for anything else.


Client, “But David, I saw these girls doing CrossFit on TV and they looked HUGE and MANLY!”. Maybe you were talking about Elisabeth Akinwale…


Or Stacie Tovar…


They do look pretty huge! (AKA awesome in my opinion). Please note that they can back those muscles up with some mind blowing feats of strength and endurance. You can’t really argue that they have WAY above the average amount of muscle mass compared to a normal female. That being said, you have to keep in mind that these women have KILLED themselves for every ounce of that muscle. As well as eaten like vikings to support their goals.

Looking like Stacie and Elizabeth isn’t going to happen on accident. I promise. As a recreational CrossFitter your training-volume and your diet is probably never going to look anything like theirs.

But even more important than all off the above mentioned things is that you have to keep in mind that these awesome women are half-naked and mid-workout! When the heart rate spikes, your blood flow doubles and you’re sweating you look a whole lot bigger. In normal clothes, they look normal…


Wouldn’t you agree?


If you are DEAD-SET on looking like this…


Or this…


Then CrossFit isn’t for you and to be totally honest I probably don’t want you as a client. Go hit up the elliptical or the recumbent bike for three hours a day and don’t eat anything. That being said, we get girls in here who start with this mentality and adopt a new one when they start to FEEL what REAL fitness (Not step class, Les Mills, or leisurely strolls on the treadmill.) can do for you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I’ll be the one to get real with you even if it means i catch some flack for it… Looking like a 12 year old girl is for 12 year old girls. You are a WOMAN. And if you think you already have too much muscle I hate to break it to you but you don’t. YOU JUST DON’T. 

I’m ok with dishing out a little tough love so have a seat and get ready… If you’re glaring at you screen there saying, “I’m just genetically bulky.” or, “I’m an exception to what he is talking about.” You’re lying to yourself.  I’ve broken down the body composition of countless females and EVERY SINGLE GIRL who thought that they were already bulky simply had a very high body-fat percentage. 99.99% of girls will never have as much muscle as Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (see above). But if you think she is bulky then that is a different story. We just have different perspectives and that’s fine. You want to be a frail thing that must be handled with care. If you are ok with that, then so am I. No sarcasm intended at all. If you’re fat or super skinny and happy with it then so am I. Mother Teresa never lifted a barbell and i think pretty much everyone is ok with that. You don’t have to be fit to be a good person. Which leads to my next point…

…let’s get down to what really matters…

The further down the road you go in CrossFit (and your walk with Christ) you will realize that the physical appearance doesn’t really matter at all because…

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. –PROVERBS 31:30“.

The chase of some worldly physical ideal will slowly slide down the list of why you will show up to CrossFit everyday and basically torture yourself. You will get totally addicted to the feeling you get when you do things that were simply impossible for you a few months ago. The body you get is nothing more than a by-product. It takes discipline in the kitchen to perform (physically, mentally, and spiritually) your best so keep in mind that you should…

“…walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” –GALATIANS 5:16.

Chase PERFORMANCE in all areas of your life and you will be healthier and happier because of it.  Keep calm, WOD on, and God bless.

-Coach Barnett

P.S. if you’re a guy reading this and asking, “But what if I am a guy and I don’t want to get bulky?” Then… just… just don’t talk to me.

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529 Responses to The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit

  1. wayne says:

    Sick and tired of hearing about Crossfit like its the be all and end all of fitness. Its AGAIN!!! another FAD like zumba, even lets go back to aerobics oz style. Lets see how many crossfit gyms around in 2yrs.

    • coachfms says:

      I gotta say that I think you are wrong and out of touch with what CrossFit really is Wayne. CrossFit has seen very fast and consistent growth over the past 12 years. It’s currently growing faster then ever. In two years it is going to be bigger then ever. There are over 4000 affiliates on every continent. Reebok is $300 million deep in investment. Does this look like something that is dying or will be dead in two years: ? I didn’t think so.

      • Jordan Jacobs says:

        Every continent!?!1? There are affiliates on Antarctica?

        At any rate, you’re right that the concept of circuit training, which has existed long before it was branded as Crossfit will be around for a long time. The brand name Crossfit, however, may not be.

      • Nic says:

        @ Jordan

      • Jay says:

        And to think…..all the trash that most Crossfitters talk about “globo gyms.” Hahahaha! When Crossfit sold their soul to Reebok, they joined the club.

      • GUPPY says:

        Hey my name is Rhode ….Im a female of 22 years of age…I live in South Africa and …there are currently three different affiliates within a 10min drive from my house….Where i started training at one of them a year ago,and it has change my life and the way i see fitness…I went from skinny fat,to toned and muscular but still very soft in am slowly but surely packing on muscle weight that finally covers my bony shoulders,I have been the fittest ive ever been and i will never sit foot in a normal gym again!!!

      • DK says:

        there are good coaches in CF, there are ALOT of bad coaches. your brand is hurt tremendously by the bad coaches. improve your certs, set a standard of coaching and you will have more credibility

      • Jay says:

        That makes waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much sense DK!

    • greg says:

      You’re right, this is just another FAD, and it’s obnoxious hearing about it all the time. Sure, like Yoga or something it’ll gain popularity, but it’ll end up fizzling out like P90x and Zumba. CrossFit is for people that can’t motivate themselves to workout, it’s the whole team concept and mutual support that keeps people doing it. I’m motivated and disciplined enough to do strength and cardio training on my own, I don’t need a support group for motivation. Those of you doing CrossFit, good for you, more people in America need to be healthier, but SHUT UP about it. I don’t post on FB every time I go to the gym or make five comments a day about my workout and I’m sick and tired of hearing it from you people.

      • coachfms says:

        But you go out of your way to tell others that you don’t like it. Promote what you love and quit wasting time bashing what you hate. We’re on the same team of health and wellness. It should be us against the couch. Not Globo vs. CrossFit.

      • chris says:

        @greg, you are TOTALLY spot on. I remember, just after watching the last Zumba Games on ESPN, you probably remember, the ones sponsored by Reebok and some 60,000+ individuals competed to demonstrate they are the fittest in the world? I remember thinking, yep, this is a fad, and it’s totally gonna pass…ahhhh, those sure were the good ol’ days… pass me another beer while I sit on my couch watching P90x workout videos, thanks.

      • It’s pretty funny that you say Crossfit is a fad just like P90X, which has fizzled out in popularity. The last time I checked, P90X is the best selling in home workout program of all time. Your argument is flawed which makes the rest of your opinion come across as short-sighted. Lots of people enjoy working out with others and competing with them which pushes them to get better. Some people do need the motivation, too, but how is that a bad thing? From what I’ve seen and heard, Crossfit is a very athletic approach to training and is a great way to build a functional, sexy, and healthy body!

      • I like crosssfit. I dont do it, I am a weightlifting guy… but, I hope it is not a fad.

      • Robolynn says:

        If you don’t want to hear about it, why are you on a website about CrossFit and you haven’t ignored the people on your FB page that do crossfit? If it motivates people to workout because of the group concept, then it has changed one person’s life. Most people don’t have your dedication or ability to program workouts for themselves. They can’t afford $500-600 a month in personal training. But at a CrossFit gym, they can get a great coach who cares about their clients, working out with a community who cares about each other – and that is the point. They care about each other and motivate each other – that is invaluable and why this will be around.

      • Jameson says:

        @Greg I will say I thought the exact same as you before I gave Crossfit an honest shot. I did nothing but “strength training/body building” for over 5 years consistently (4-5 days a week) before going to my local box for a free workout. After that I signed up for my on ramp right after. The workout you get is nothing like you can get at an LA fitness or Golds Gym, sorry you just can’t. I will say that I still have a membership at my local Meat head gym and still go there to do some isolation lifts but I have never been stronger. But hey do what works for you, I decided to join because I was getting bored of walking into a gym everyday and powering through a workout where 99% of the people at the gym looked like they hated their life. And the ones that didn’t look like that were too busy flexing in a mirror to notice. So Greg my only advice to you would be go to a local CF gym, give it a solid week thats 3-4 workouts and then come back here and write in. Also if you don’t think Crossfit makes you stronger Google Rich Froning and take a look at his stats, guy weighs 195 and squats 425… BEAST!!

      • PVB says:

        Glenn Pendlay spoke… so all idiots please STFU

      • nick says:

        you are awesome keep up the good work, good to see you getting on a blog and making negative comments about something you know nothing about. you’re a legend greg

      • Pain is temporary says:

        Thanks Greg, for that amazing piece of insight. Unlike you, I enjoy the fact that when I show up to workout, there is a group of like-minded individuals who are willing to destroy themselves in the name of overall excellence. I may not be able to get a gold medal in gymnastics, or put 300# over my head, or even run a marathon in under 4 hours, but I can perform under pressure. I can run, jump, bike, swim, row, push, pull, squat, deadlift, press, snatch, clean and jerk, and throw. I can move my own bodyweight through space with efficiency. I can do all of those things while suffering next to my neighbor, knowing that when we are done, and after we peel ourselves off of the floor and mop up the puddle of sweat, that we will see each other again, same time tomorrow. Can you say that?

      • Jay says:

        There are millions upon millions who don’t Crossfit and can honestly say the exact same thing. Good on you though! Train hard!

      • Greg…..I bet you bench a few plates, hit the step mill for 45 minutes and think you’re the man and motivate yourself on your own. Crossfit isn’t for people who need motivation, it’s for people who realized that the traditional weight training routine isn’t realistic for getting in true functional shape, or at least its not the most effective way. This is coming from a personal trainer with a lifetime of experience, division one athletic background, navy seal personal regimen type shit…..I guarantee you haven’t tried one crossfit workout based on the fact that you are grouping it with P90X and Zumba…..which by the way are both still going strong. Why don’t you shut up and go try it before you judge, cause we’ve ALL done what you’re doing.

      • Mir says:

        Yoga has been around since ancient times. It is not a fad.

      • J. Fo says:

        You are right about one thing Greg…it is to movitate those who don’t want to movitate themselves. I use CrossFit as a tool for overall health and well-being because in my 9-10 hour workday, with meals to cook (Paleo by the by), laundry to do, dog to walk, relationship to manage, errands to run, a family-life to keep up with, I don’t have the time OR desire to also program my fitness. I plan other people’s finances for a living; I don’t have the knowledge base, time, or WANT to program my own fitness regiment, nor can I afford a personal trainer (hello mortgage and taxes)! I like that it’s done for me to a degree which I NEVER though I could reach (pull ups, rope climbs, dead lifts, squats – CHECK). Fitness is not my profession, it’s ONE portion of my life. A wonderfully fun, effective, positive, strength building, friendship building portion that has helped me gain 10 lbs of muscle and lose almost 9% body fat with blood panels that indicate I will be around for a LONG WHILE. Oh and I don’t care what you call it, but I hope CrossFit, or cross-training style, group fitness is around FOREVAH!! Cheers!

        P.S. Those who get annoyed easily should probably find something better to do with their time? Just a thought!

      • Kevin says:

        So you got online read this entire article to proclaim how tired you are of crossfit… Damn if that’s all it took…..

      • Will Duncan says:

        Well, good for you. Quick question though; why exactly did you visit this page if you are sick and tired of being exposed to crossfit?

      • alex says:

        same! I’m tired of hearing about cross fit….I’m much more comfortable lifting and doing cardio by myself instead of announcing it or showing a bunch of people what I can do….it always seems like an excuse to me

    • A.MOODY says:

      Wayne you are so far off base you have no idea… in 2 yrs Crossfit gyms will still be here in force… why don’t you try one?

    • Molly says:

      haha! You’re so ignorant Wayne! Crossfit gyms will be around forever, ANYONE can do Crossfit!

    • drea says:

      Because a ‘fad’ like Zumba also has an international world series/superbowl equivalent competition every year that draws 10s of thousands?

      • Juma says:

        Uhhh. I love my Crossfit. To me it is the end all and be all. I’ve been doing it for 5.5 years. And while I’m sure Zumba is a fad I’m also a Zumba instructor. I have no interest in watching “Zumba Games” on ESPN but who doesn’t like to dance? I don’t do Zumba for the strength component (bc there is none) I do it bc it’s just plain fun for me. Now I wait for the snarky comments :).
        And I enjoy seeing all the FB postings from my fellow crossfitters bragging about their PRs.

    • Anyone who talks as if crossfit is a fad obviously doesn’t take part in it. Obviously if you are not taking part in it, how can you speak on it. Crossfit is hard work. Try it and seeif still disagree Wayne, or you can keep sounding like an idiot behind your keyboard.

    • tanya says:

      if you are ‘sick and tired of hearing about Crossfit’ why did you, presumably deliberately, direct yourself to a Crossfit-dedicated blog? NOT a rhetorical question Wayne, I genuinely want to know. Please reply because I’m fascinated.

    • coachfms says:

      Haha epic total pwnage Jordan!

    • Valerie says:

      I think it’s unfortunate for anyone to knock a way that someone does to get get fit and healthy. I’m thinking if you tried crossfit, you wouldn’t have such a negative opinion. I am a runner…..have been for about 25 years. I’ve done marathons, 1/2’s, 10k’s, mud runs, Gladiator runs etc. and so on. About 4 months ago, a co-worker asked if I wanted to go to one of her crossfit classes. I declined, only because I didn’t think anything would give me the ‘high’ the way running does. I’ve tried other workouts and didn’t feel like I did after a long run. That being said, I gave in one day and went with my friend. I have been there nearly every single day since then! I was hooked!!!! I still run but have changed up the way I run (shorter distances w/interval/sprinting). Crossfit gave me the same high as running, if not more. It got me sweating to the point that I can watch the sweat drip off of me onto the ground. I can rope climb, do man push-ups and pull ups. Things I never could do before. My core is sooo freakin’ strong now! I have 4 herniated discs and a form of spinal bifida – constant back pain for years but didn’t want to undergo surgery – I have not had one tinge of pain in my lower back since starting this “new craze”. I have strengthened muscles that I didn’t even know I had! I am not nearly where I’d like to be in terms of strength but after looking at my journal from the first day I started, I’ve made such significant improvements over the past few months! I could barely do 10 girl push-ups and now I can do 30 man ones! I can also see a six pack in my abs! Anyway, I could go on and on. It’s something that you’d have to experience and I’m so glad I ventured out of my ‘running comfort zone’ and did so. I feel like this type of exercise/work out is designed to help you with every day life movements and mobility. It strengthens your muscles, yes……but it also strengthens your mind because I no longer look at a task and think, “No way…..I can’t do that.” It’s quite the opposite! I can and I will – it may take a while but failure isn’t an option – failure is only a possibility when you don’t try.

    • Haha…Wayne, this article IS on a Crossfit blog.

    • Ben says:

      LOL !! For some its a fad for others its a way of life

    • CPT Cherie says:

      You are absolutely Wong IMO, Wayne. I’m a fitness professional and was actually a skeptic of crossfit at first, but as long as CERTIFIED (in Crossfit), EDUCATED people serve the crossfit community I believe it will remain for a very long time to come.

    • Rob says:

      Its already on ESPN …Enough said…….Now go back to your bowflex

    • Alan says:

      It’s not a fad, it may be a label or a brand, but it marks a significant departure from the deceitful fitness marketing of old, in that, true fitness is about hard work and intensity, and the results speak for themselves. The US Military uses to train their Special Operators. I rest my case.

      • Red says:

        The Commander of Naval Special Warfare (SEALs) put out official statements about how not only do they NOT use Crossfit in training, but it is NOT recommended for any future recruits. It does not meet their needs or specific standards. When Rangers were updating their programs, they went to programs other than Crossfit, such as Gym Jones, because they specifically needed a program tailored to their needs, not the other way around. Yes, there is plenty of HIIT and circuit training in the military (which is all that CF really is). But these constant false claims that Crossfit is endorsed by the military and especially all Special Operations forces, is a either willful ignorance, or blatant lies.

    • Laila says:

      CrossFit’s been around for years and it’s still growing. I believe CrossFit’s gonna be around for years and years to come. There are still many places around the world where the concept hasn’t even emerged yet, like where I’m from! I live in Cairo, Egypt, and I’m the only Crossfitter I know! lol … There aren’t any CrossFit gyms in Egypt, and here I am exploring with it and talking to everyone that I know about it. I’ve been Crossfitting for only a few months and have already dropped 4 dress sizes, and gained strength and flexibility that I’ve never even dreamed of, given that I have been an athlete most of my life – or so I thought, before CrossFit! Cheers! 🙂

      • Khadiga says:

        Laila, I also live in Cairo and I heard that a crossfit gym will open in Cairo in a few months. Where did u learn crossfit? I would love to know more about it and to learn some exercises? Where do you exercise? Home or Gym? Please tell me how it has transformed your body? Only lost weight or also gained muscles? Did u gain too much muscles? Waiting for your reply and hope we exercise together soon

    • Kevin says:

      Let me know when Zumba sells out the home depot center or any event in less than 15 min. CrossFit isn’t going anywhere, though I will agree they need to beef up their certs and set some standards for coaching.

      • Approximately 14 million people in 150 countries, in 140,000 locations take Zumba every week. Zumba is still growing at approximately 750% over the last three years, and is currently valued at 1/2 Billion dollars. That said, it’s not competition driven like Crossfit, which covers your point about any singular sporting event. P90x has generated approximately 1/2 Billion dollars since 2004 (the same year CF really started to take off). The highest revenue ever taken in by CF (2012) was 50 million. This idea that a single system owns the franchise on fitness is beyond laughable. I do not think CF is a fad. I think it’s here to stay for one reason; most boxes program and evolve. Simply look at the workout regiments of the “champions”. They dont follow the Glassmans formula for workout, or diet. Meaning… They aren’t actually doing CF as HQ prescribes it.

    • Dave B says:

      sounds like someone tried, had a hard time with it, and failed miserably.. or simply gave up..

    • drpaulkratka says:

      First, you can’t be healthy without being fit. Period. (by the way you can be fit without being healthy). Second, no one is saying Crossfit is the “be all and end all” for fitness training, but because Crossfit is comprehensive functional training, it is an extraordinarily efficient and safe method of getting fit and therefore fulfills one component of building health (the two other components being nutrition and life/stress management)(functional training = full range of motion while avoiding unnatural body part isolation or support of joint complexes common to traditional gym machines), CF also has a ‘tribal’ component that resonates well with humans (we’ve been members of a tribe since we’ve been on this planet) which contributes to the the social component of health (i.e. life/stress mgt). When humans exercise to the point of exertion, the research shows that ALL health metrics improve, including some of the more … abstract ones such as mental/emotional health. Ask any couple who go to Crossfit together and they will tell you that a side benefit is a better relationship. So, what’s not to embrace? Like so many here have said, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ – any person of any age who does a week or two of this type of training within the supportive “tribal” community found at Crossfit boxes will inevitably walk away convinced of its merits.

    • Well Wayne, its already been almost a year since you posted this, and guess what?! CrossFit is continuing to expand…SHOCKING! (for you obviously, not for me) 🙂

    • I’ve been Crossfitting since 2008. It’s not a fad, it’s a fact.

    • WH says:

      Hi Wayne

      It’s almost two years later. 210,000 people entered the Crossfit Open this year. Seems like this fad keeps getting bigger…

    • Sick and tired of hearing Crossfit bashers bashing with no reason. The article is for a person that is interested and asked about where the bulkiness in women come from. It tries to show that bulky can be healthy specially if combined with strength/power/good diet. Are you one of those people? dont read if you dont like it. Ignore the whole thing.

    • Chantel says:

      With regards to Wayne’s first comment: Funny, almost 2 years later to the day and I first read this awesome blog. Crossfit is growing from strength to strength 🙂 2 years later! They must do something right…..

    • Leroy says:

      Well jackass, it’s been two years… and Crossfit is bigger than ever and not slowing down. We’ll reconvene in two more years.

    • kat says:

      Haha 2 years later…and its still going strong 😉

    • Fredrik says:

      Its 2016 bitch 😀

    • Valentin says:

      @wayne, it’s pretty fun. It’s been 3.5 years since your comment. Now there are more than 12000 affiliates around the world.

    • rooftop2011 says:

      This is great, I bet the numbers are 10 x the amount in 2012 or even more….

    • So, here I am in 2016 (four years later) and I think it is safe to say you were completely and utterly wrong wayne. CrossFit is bigger than ever.

  2. wayne says:

    Pretty sure all the ppl that do crossfit did and still do some sort of body building work before they took to what every one now calls cross fit.

    • Charles says:

      I never did ant consistent resistance training until i starting CrossFit. I am not sure why you decided to whine about CrossFit on this string but don’tyou think your complaint is better suited to the main .CrossFit site?

      • beeca says:

        I use to lift weights and hated it. I’ve been a crossfitter for over 2 years now, and never lift weights at any other gym. You seem to be out of touch, and ignorant about the subject of crossfit. It’s not just a gym where people go to hang out. We work hard, push each other hard, and enjoy it. In addition a WOD is much shorter than the amount of time body builders spend pushing weight and loving on the themselves in the Lifetime mirros.

    • Jon says:

      I’ve been doing crossfit for three years and understand both sides of the argument. All of the elite crossfitters in the games and the progressive crossfit gyms understand the importance of incorporating assistance strength work (i.e. bench press, bicep curls, etc.) into their programming. Too many crossfitters have an old school crossfit mentality that all they need to are the “named” workouts to become an elite all-around athlete. In 2 years crossfit will be more popular than ever and at the same time hopefully most avid crossfitters will stop knocking people that bench press.

      • coachfms says:

        Someone who still views it as “assistance” strength work probably doesn’t grasp the whole concept of CrossFit. But i agree that some CrossFitters don’t do enough strength/power work and focus too much on long met-cons.

      • ryan says:

        rofl, you will not find a single crossfitter anywhere who does bicep curls

      • Jon says:

        Assistance work meaning supplemental exercise like bent over rows and yes, bicep curls, to assist with your core lifts (deadlift, shoulder press, back squat, and bench press) as prescribed in powerlifting programs such as Westside barbell. I actually do get the concept of crossfit, and everyone else that does are not condescending to other exercise paradigms, including bodybuilding, because they all offer at least some value to being a well-rounded athlete.

      • Jay says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen Rich Froning perform assistance exercises. Funny how the average Crossfitter thinks the elites are doing metcons/amraps everyday all day. The shepard says go…the sheep go!

      • samone says:

        Ryan… I was doing bicep curls yesterday at a box. And my coach came up to me and said he loves it when he sees girls doing heavy bicep curls. So suck on that.

    • Matt says:

      You have a point, in that the “elite” CrossFitters–especially the Games competitors–almost without exception have some sort of prior sports background: Elisabeth Akinwale was a gymnast and is big now because she trains as an Olympic lifter; Camille LeBlanc was a high-level competitive gymnast; numerous others were in collegiate sports–like Lindsey Smith, who did basketball and track. And I guarantee that all of them have training regimens outside a 10 minute metcon 3 days a week. They are training for strength and power with a level of work ethic greater than the average CrossFitter will ever have.

      …Which proves not only how exceptional these individuals are, but how unlikely it is that the average CrossFitter will ever see as much hypertrophy as Akinwale or be as lean as Smith. They are elite competitors. It’s naive to assume that you can get to where they are quickly or easily, or even accidentally.

      So thanks for the input, Wayne. Now go pretend to know what you’re talking about somewhere else.

    • Danielle Scott says:

      I do crossfit and have never ever done olympic body building before. In fact I never would have had the courage to try it. What I like about crossfit is it is like having a personal trainer, personal nutritionist, and gym class all for one low price.

      • Susan says:

        I agree Danielle. It’s the whole package for me, as well as feeling stronger than I ever have before (at 43 yrs old). It’s a neat thing to watch my body improve and do things I wasn’t even close to 7 months ago. It’s not just working out–it’s teaching you how to take care of your body, in the right way.

    • crissy says:

      Havent done any weightlifting/body building/exercise program before starting crossfit (actually very little for the past 20 years of raising children and studying). Have been crossfitting for a year now and absolutely love it. I have someone at the gym who cares about my progress and making sure i have the correct technique!! Whats not to love! CROSSFIT FOREVER!!

    • Melinda says:

      WRONG! I went from the couch to Crossfit 2 years ago and am still going strong. I have no interest in body building but EVERY interest in being a healthy, happy 42-year-old mother of 3. Sorry you are sick of hearing about Crossfit…..but I think that just goes to show you how great it is….it has impassioned and energized a tremendous number of people. Seriously, don’t hate…..just try it!

    • Katie says:

      Try my husband weighed 240 and was overweight when he started CrossFit. Pretty sure he wasn’t weight lifting ahead of starting. Get your facts before opening your mouth.

      • Jay says:

        Try he would have gotten the same results from any program. That’s what happens when people who don’t move begin to move…..they lose weight.

      • Tutone says:

        What results Jay? She didn’t give any. And maybe he could have gotten in better shape with “any” program. Thing is, Crossfit keeps your attention. Something that I lost a long time ago before I found crossfit 10 months ago. I used to go to the gym, do the chest/tri, back/bi, legs workouts. BOOOOOORRRRRRRRING. Now, my wife, who never lifted a weight in her life before this, are highly addicted. The reason you hear so much about Crossfit, and why people are so giddy about it, is plain and simple. It works. It keeps you interested and motivated. What good is a program if you don’t do it? I wake up every morning craving to know what WOD I’m going to be doing. So does my wife. We are both in the best shapes of our lives, at 37,36 respectively. We both plan on doing this until we are no longer phyically capable. It’s sad that some people are so against this that they aren’t willing to try it. I can honestly say that EVERY person at our box has improved themselves in strength, coordination, and endurance. You can’t say that about any other gym. It’s the total package.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Greg-I am a crossfitter and a runner and I love both sports however I agree with you about the facebook posts. I don’t like to hear what you had for dinner either though. I am proud of how I look and how I got there. I was skinny now I am strong. Its comes down to everyone needs to exercise and be at an ideal weight.

    • PTC says:

      I’ve never done body building in my life, but I do Crossfit.

    • Sean says:

      You’re just ignorant. But you don’t know it. Troll. You’re on a CF blog.

    • Erin says:

      Nope. I had done zero since primary school sport before I started.
      I know a lot of people coming from a very low fitness level, scaling their Crossfit workouts and getting stronger every day. Where do you get your information from?

      • Mario Rodriguez says:

        I used to be an intermediate bodybuilder, but stopped two years before I started doing Crossfit. I started CF and loved it. I’ve been doing it ever since. I started October 2012. Since then, I’ve lost 18.9lbs of fat and gained 13.1lbs of muscle. I understand the accelerated muscle growth was two years w/out working out enabling me to grow as a beginner. In regard to weightlifting, I believe I’m going to start while also doing Crossfit. They do say, Crossfit encourages another sport. Well, I believe I’ll start weightlifting, to gain a bit more mass.

    • kelli says:

      Absolutely Not!!! You don’t need to do body building along with Crossfit! The WODs are intense and long!!! You don’t need anything else! Quit mocking Crossfit! Youre on a Crossfit blog!!! LOL. Must be jealous of our results and our community! There nothing like Crossfit and what it does for the body! Its amazing!

      • Sunny says:

        I’m sorry to burst your bubble Kelli, but its true. The top athletes have all had extensive and elite athletic careers before they took to CrossFit. I admit that I haven’t checked the stats of every single Games athlete ever but I would be very surprised indeed if they had zero athletic experience prior to CrossFit and made it to the Games. I agree with everything else you said though, about CrossFit being amazing and helping with having an awesome physique to boot. 🙂

      • The champions have discussed their training and diets in detail. Neither the “fittest” man or woman follow the prescribed CF formula of randomization with no focus or periodization and planning. Nor do they follow the zone diet as prescribed by CF, or the Paleo that CF railed so hard against, hence the Rob Wolf resignation from CF. In short, they do what all successful athletes do. They structure their training, and plan accordingly to beat the system. Think of it as studying for the test. And these very principles that make them successful, go against the very foundations of the CF belief system. And yes, the majority of champs have extensive athletic backgrounds, all easily verifiable.

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  4. Joz says:

    lol at the P.S. If there is a guy who doesn’t want to get bulky but has the genetic capability to do so by involving them self in crossfit… then they just haven’t realized that they actually want to get bulky.

  5. james says:

    Thank you. I am going to share this.

  6. Holly says:

    Stacy Tovar is SOOOOOOOO sexy!! Oh my god!!

  7. Jae says:

    Wayne, I’d say most people haven’t. Not at my gym at least. Including me, my husband and a number of Crossfit buddies. People have the tendency to be so intimidated by Xfit and as a result just bash it. Come try 😀

  8. ShaneT says:

    Poor Wayne. A mindset about as weak as your argument.
    How can you be sure that “all the people” that do crossfit do or did some sort of body building work prior to doing crossfit?
    Sorry, but I think it would be safe to assume that you have not nor ever will meet “all the people” that have done or do crossfit.
    I’ll go one step further and also assume you’re the biggest advocate for the gym. That beautiful place where people go and rummage their way through 2 hours of bench press in a room full of mirrors, tv’s and air freshener.
    Don’t know about you but i’d rather do a real workout, excerting real energy and do so in about 9 minutes as opposed to 120.
    Remember to smile proudly when you drive by that Crossfit affiliate in 5 years time and see those former bodybuilders working hard, smiling and enjoying life.

    • jpizzle470 says:

      why does everyone assume that i ur working out in a gym and not doing crossfit that ur only doing curls and benchpresses all day and no real athletic training is being done? theres people that do olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, sports training, yoga, or even their own form of crossfit that they programmed themselves. its not just crossfit or bodybuilding- theres people getting shit done in gyms. there are far too many people that just do standard bodybuilding and cardio.. i agree with that. but not everyone.. crossfit is not the only functional way to train ur body. ive been training in gyms doing basicly a slight variation of crossfit since wayy before crossfit ever existed. and im not the only one.
      combining gymnastics, strength, functional movement, and fitness is not a new thing.

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  10. Katie says:

    Amazing!! Cant wait to share this with my athletes!! God bless 🙂

  11. Sherri says:

    Good blog!! I am a newbie to CF and there’s hope to get fit for someone who is approaching to 50s. I guess it’s never too late! I hope! Thanks for the encouragement!

  12. Christen says:

    I am sorry but that guy Wayne is just a troll. Not worth the time. OK, I want to say thank you for the reality slap in the face. I have always thought I was getting bulky because I get big in my upper arms and neck and I seem to build all my upper body muscle without losing this tire from having 3 kids. I am about 98% paleo enjoying drink now and again…Yes I have lost about 100 lbs in 2 years…yes I am stronger. But I sure wish I looked like the champion cross fitters you posted. I do not belong to A box….I do this at home, with support via email/phone/FB from a friend who is certified xfit trainer. But I bust my a$$ regardless. Anyway I needed that reality check 🙂 Thanks!

    As my hubby just said ” It is nice when your biceps are the size of a bowling ball. But when you sacrifice speed, endurance and agility, what are you really accomplishing?”

  13. tahitianhips says:

    Thanks for this post. I am a bigger girl and have a higher percentage of muscle compared to other females. My biggest fear is that I will bulk up and look masculine. I have always known that I would never be stick thin. I just want to be fit an healthy.
    If that means I look like the cross fit woman above…..then I will be happy.

    • Karli says:

      I’ve always felt the same (5’10” and weighed about 174 for the past 5 years), Ive lifted and played sports all my life and was just bulky….after 3 months of crossfit, my body has already changed so much! I’ve lost 10 lbs and just look leaner, though still muscular and feminine! I feel great and I know if I keep up with this I’m only going to feel better!

  14. I have been CF-ing for 4 years and coaching for 3. Before that I did the regular/typical crosstraining stuff with my clients and NEVER did I get the results anywhere near what my clients have experienced via CF. I’m 46 and my clients range from teens to people in their 70’s….though we are not all at the same level of training, we can all enjoy the community spirit that is so unique to Crossfit.

    There was a time, last summer where I was training at a box that was SUPER intense and was elevating the standard it seemed monthly. I did get asked if I was a bodybuilder or something…honestly, I was glad that my fitness showed because I worked hard. But after several injuries made me pull way back, I realized that I had made CF a bit of an idol and myself too.
    I love, love,love CF, being Crossfit-Fit and being a part of the community. We each will get what we put in, and I guarantee every woman out there that unless she is working extremely hard, eating super clean, and PR-ing regularly, it is highly unlikely that bulkiness will result. And unless you keep putting the time in, your results will fade over time (personal experience here…ugh)

    What you will find is a confidence in your body that you’ve likely never experienced. Being Strong is AWESOME! Just be careful that you don’t make CF and everything that can be involved a demi-god or idol. That’s where it turns a little unsavory….
    Love your site….Keep on preaching the Good News Brotha!

    • Julie Grigg says:

      Love this Anne (Annie) Berriehill, I keep saying that XF is really addictive, and I love going and being part of a group who will encourage and support me, a trainer who will push me but understands that at this moment in time I have to really scale back, as I have an injury, it can really become an idol, I can see that. There are far more important things as well, such as my (grown-up) children, who I never stop having to be a mum to and a husband who doesn’t need me to be out every night training, but appreciates my slowly transforming body, I appreciate very much your comments, God Bless

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  16. Alison says:

    Thanks. This is GOLD. You rock!

  17. Michelle says:

    I love this! I used to do fitness/figure competitions. I got so bored at the gym, training one body part at a time and running on a treadmill/climber like a hamster. I ended up doing an obstacle course a couple of years back and loved that I could use my body as an instrument so much more than using it as a trophy. I also did notice that a lot of the athletes at the comp were crossfitters so I was intrigued. I’ve been crossfitting for about 5 months and I love it. I’ve def gained more muscle but also started the Paleo lifestyle and looking forward to results since some life changes had led me to unhealthy decisions and I’ve gained a bit of weight. At this point I see it as eating healthy to get strong not skinny. 🙂

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  20. John says:

    “Promote what you love and quit wasting time bashing what you hate. We’re on the same team of health and wellness. It should be us against the couch. Not Globo vs. CrossFit.” …Seriously? What about that backhand that you tossed Less Mills’ way? ” they start to FEEL what REAL fitness (Not step class, Les Mills, or leisurely strolls on the treadmill.) can do for you physically, mentally, and spiritually.” If we are on the same team, them promote what you love and stop bashing a program that is ALSO saving/changing lives all across the globe (14,000 clubs, 80 countries…).
    – Body Pump 4 Life

    • coachfms says:

      But you don’t see me going to their page and being negative or confrontational do you? Les Mills puts out decent stuff and i’m glad it exists but it isn’t about performance. Sure, it’s a good way for people to get healthier! But at it’s core it’s a group exercise class…not a strength and conditioning program. All i was trying to say is that there is a difference between working out to fit in a cute new dress and TRAINING to be better at life.

      • NoThanks says:

        Training to be better at life is a bit of an overstatement. How on earth does being a CrossFit member train you to be better at life? It will make you better at Crossfit. Crossfit is not life. I fail to see how you make the connection there. I’ve done Crossfit before and it’s not my style. Doesn’t mean that my fitness efforts don’t provide me with the same overall emotional/spiritual/physical benefits as Crossfit could. A statement like that definitely comes across as if you’re trying to say people that do Crossfit are somehow better than people who don’t. Also, it’s a bit much to assume that people doing a workout class or other seemingly shallow gym workout is merely trying to fit into a dress. There are OTHER ways to get the overall health benefits of exercise outside of Crossfit. With that said, I like your article. I’m not trying to get all anti-crossfit on your blog as I have a number of friends that do crossfit and I respect their choice, strength and dedication. Your comment just struck a nerve.

      • Athlete says:

        Can you detail the long-term benefits of Crossfit? It seems common (moreso than other exercise/fitness regimens) to see “Crossfiters” with injuries regularly (major load-bearing joint injuries, ie shoulders, knees, etc). Can you explain how that is functional exercise and/or prepares one to be “better at life”?

      • Jay says:

        No one will be able to give you a common sense or scientific answer to this question sir… doesn’t exist.

      • Tutone says:

        I can give you a couple of examples of “training to be better at life”. Now, I can pick my kids up easily and put them on my shoulders. Seems trivial, but before was a big struggle. I can carry both of them at the same time, something they really enjoy. My dad just started Crossfit, he’s in his 60’s and had a hard time getting out of a chair and walking up steps. He can do both easily now. I can now carry all the groceries in at one time, where before it would take me several trips. Call them what you want, but these things make our lives better, no matter how minor they are. They are the straws on the camels back.

      • Heidi says:

        I couldn’t agree more with John. I read this article to get a better idea about crossfit and if it was for me. After reading your negative rant I have no interest. I will stick with Les Mills as I believe exercise should be a positive experience

  21. Heather says:

    GREAT article! And love the name….it actually brought tears to my eyes. I used to Crossfit, but I don’t anymore and I miss it.

  22. Mark says:

    CrossFitters…Don’t stoop to the level of muscleheads like Wayne (sounds like Whine) and Chris…they have no clue what CrossFit is, what it does and the fact that the Military, Navy Seals, a majority of Law enforcement and Fire Depts are all doing CrossFit…I know this because I train with them. Do you really think that Boot Camp for the Military would change what they have been doing for over 150 years for a “Fad” Wayne why don’t you look into it and go to a CrossFit Box…just don’t make it mine…rule #7 at my club says that we do not accept whinners. You sound like you know more about Zumba anyway

    • chris says:

      I was being sarcastic 🙂 I was at the Games this year, and i’ll be there next year, and the next…until the “Fad” fades…

      • Juma says:

        Lol. Geez. I get it, I get the bashing on Zumba. I’m an avid crossfitter and a Zumba instructor. I think the intensity that comes w Crossfit has trickled over into my other endeavor. I teach Z for fun. I love dancing but anyone who thinks it will make them stronger is crazy. There my two cents…carryover bashing my Zumba :).

      • nick says:

        i was about to get stuck into you before and then i realised that you were taking the piss 🙂

    • Jay says:

      Some military, some Navy SEALs, some law enforcement, and some firefighters. Not all. And the military hasn’t restructured it’s boot camp. That’s a little off the wall sir. The attrition rate due to injury in CF puts high speed individuals at a disadvantage in their daily jobs. I’ve talked with firefighters who claim their entire department has given up CF because between the counterproductive workouts and the physical demands of their job, they weren’t able to perform at 100% while on duty.

      • Stephanie says:

        ^Haters’ gonna hate! It is absurd to me that you come to a cross fit blog to hate on a sport that has made so many people so much stronger and better in general at EVERYTHING they do. No other sport does that so well. I’m not implying that an indivudual couldn’t put something similar together and get similar results..but why would they have to when someone else already did and it works awesome!? Cross fit is amazing. I’ve been a runner my whole life and just started cf a a few months ago and I hate when I miss a workout. It’s fun, you’re around positive people and it makes you a better runner, swimmer, biker, rock name it. If you hate crossfit, TAKE A HIKE. You’re trolling isn’t going to change anyone else’s mind here.

      • Jay says:

        It’s not a sport

      • djbabyd says:

        The local Army and Marine Corps here in Arlington, Texas use our workouts daily. The Army also does a few of the workouts in their boot camps (my ex rocked them because she is a great crossfitter). They send their new recruits to do workouts in our boxes..its nice to see military folks coming in 4th place to a 41 year old guy. and agreed, not ALL public servants do CF…but I work out with a number of firefighters, police officers and military personnel.

    • The US Armed Forces do NOT endorse CF, period. The Commander of SEALs specifically addressed this in writing, as have many other leaders. The SEALs not only fail to endorse it, but they specifically discourage the use of CF to prepare for Indoc or BUD/s. Army Rangers revamped their program in 2006 and reviewed in 2010, and specifically did not use CF bc it is a one size fits all approach (written in black and white on the HQ main page, for any doubters). They chose another more functional fitness regiment which was tailored to their life and death mission requirements, and mission capability needs. There are countless discussions in the CF community and message boards, showing and discussing statements through the official military Chain of Command discouraging the program across multiple, if not all branches.

      Of course the defensive response is something along the lines of “they just dont understand CF, or they’d use it”. False. They (Rangers) formed a program using proven principles with help from a PhD in CSCS, a Ranger Dietician (Captain), and a Physical Therapist and retired Lt Col. In addition, each Regiment has at their disposal a team of Physicians Assistants, Surgeons, a Physical Therapist and a Strength and Conditioning Coach, specifically to support this highly successful program. Such is how world class programs are made and validated every day. These are well thought out and professionally executed programs. From our special operations personnel, to the NFL (merely for example).

      That’s not to say CF sucks, or military personnel don’t use it in their spare time, or even in their localized PT regiments. But this urban legend built on either ignorance or lies needs to stop. The military has time and time again disproved a foundational statement from CF. Suggesting that a 80 year old woman with a heart problem, and Spec Ops Soldier have no difference in fitness needs (simply intensity), is another example of a ludicrous Glassman-ism. Just the same as “we specialize in not specializing”. All while CF now has specialized programs such as Endurance (which has a documented failure of its boldest claims). And the winners of the CF Games consistently (ironically) do not follow the basic formula of training regiment or diet, prescribed by CF. Which of course begs the question: when you aren’t following the diet or exercise, at what point are you still following the program? CF preaches scaling, they do not endorse modification or tailoring.

      In summary, I think CF has done wonders for the fitness community and created a huge resurgence of interest in a country otherwise battling obesity. I think modified CF as you see in most boxes, when mixed with established science, is a great program. And I’d dare say that most people under the banner of CF aren’t even doing CF as prescribed in the first place (via Glassman or HQ). And that’s a good thing. But die hard followers need to stop spouting off urban legends, and passing off anecdotal evidence as established facts.

      All that said, do what works for you and your body. If that means CF for you, then rock on. I’ve incorporated several movements that CF borrowed into my routines with great success.

      • Aeromed2349 says:

        Your statement if false. The US military has allowed CF gyms on their bases, thus condoning the use of CF for training. It’s apparent you are not familiar with the military from the inside as a member. He’s a link to see how involved the military is with Crossfit.

  23. Jon Torrey says:

    Good general intro article into the world of resistance training, not just CrossFit. I’m not a big fan of CrossFit’s highly technical workouts done for time but some of it is really really good at conditioning. Some of it, if programmed properly, is really really great at promoting the “bulk” (for males) and the “CrossFit girl” (for females).

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Jon, I appreciate your concern about Technical WODs done “for time” – But! At CrossFit Resurrection, we always promote technique and form over time. If you’re the last person done, but every rep is perfect, then you, in fact, have actually done the best job. I think that’s where belonging to an Affiliate and being blessed to have high level Coaching really comes into play. It’s for that very reason that we have attracted an 8 time World Fire Combat Champ and a Nationally Acclaimed (with Silver and Gold Medals at Worlds as well) Arm Wrestler. Both Women are incredibly strong and both look like spectacular Ladies 🙂 … and both inspire and encourage the men and women in our box – be they beginners on the road to fitness, regular every day folk, super lean marathoners, or Emergency Service Workers – wanting to look like our Owner (Games Participant 2 years in a row!) or our World Class Athletes.

      And our men? Yeah, they’d all like a little more ‘bulk’ too 😉

      • Jon Torrey says:

        Certainly not a hit against you or your affiliate but more against general Crossfit programming. Hill sprints and KB swings for time? No problem. Snatches? Let’s leave those to time independent workouts where set up and follow through take a toll and are just as important as the lift itself. Not everyone is Josh Everett and can muscle snatch 95+.

      • Jay says:

        Yeah, how about 35 snatches as fast as you can? Completely counterproductive huh? As a matter of fact, down right stupid and irresponsible.

  24. rodney says:

    What does Jesus have to do with anything? Crossfit and Christianity are 2 separate cults…don’t you know?

    • coachfms says:

      It has to do with why we train at FMS Rodney. We like both cults around here. haha

    • ion says:

      I agree with the headline/sentiment of the post, “ladies, you won’t bulk up”, but I take an article quoting the bible about as seriously as I an article quoting Santa Claus.

    • allthewaydoc says:

      What does Jesus NOT have to do with EVERYTHING! Without Jesus, there would be no world and therefor no you. Jesus SPOKE the worlds into existence. So as you can see, He is very needed! 🙂

      • Tutone says:

        Please, let’s keep the Jesus/god talk out of this. We are dealing with real stuff, not the easter bunny.

      • allthewaydoc says:

        seriously!? it is their blog and they can talk about anything they want! You dont have to read it and you dont have to like what they put. Thank God we still live in a country where we have freedom of speech! Obviously this crossfit blog/center/owner loves JESUS! Why do you care? No one has made you read this post.

      • Tutone says:

        I’m actually talking to you allthewaydoc. You seriously believe in a 2000+ year old book, written by MEN, over a period of years, with no technology to support it? I’m assuming you believe a man can live in a whale for 3 days (nevermind the idea of a whale even ingesting a human), that some people lived for HUNDREDS of years (even more than 800 years old), talking snakes, talking bushes, etc. Yes, I’m the delusional one here… All I’m saying is let’s talk crossfit, where you get REAL results and REAL answers. And this is coming from someone who was a christian for 35 years, until I actually read the bible (would bet $$ that you haven’t read it from cover to cover, like the other 80% of people that haven’t) and started questioning things.

      • allthewaydoc says:

        I have actually read the bible cover to cover at least 5 times over the past 8 years. I have written devotions on a scripture from what I had read so that I would read for meaning and let the Spirit lead me and teach me and not just to be able to say that I have read the bible from cover to cover. The bible tells us that there will be many who called themselves christians and performed great works in the name of Jesus and yet when the books are opened and they stand before Him, He will say, depart from Me, I never knew you. Obviously, you are one of those who heard the word but it never took root in your life, a tare if you will. You may believe whatever you like, as for me and my household, we WILL SERVE THE LORD! and I will live daily trying to walk out my salvation with fear and trembling and I will honor the LORD my GOD! I am not perfect and I fail in many ways but thankfully God is continually working in my life and it just keeps getting better and better! 🙂

      • Michelle says:

        Very well said 🙂 Beautiful words of Christ, Amen 🙂

      • Tutone says:

        I’m impressed that you have actually read it. I’m even more surprised that you still are a believer. To each their own. So you are saying you believe the questions I asked you above? And you are okay with rape and incest as documented in the bible?

      • allthewaydoc says:

        I believe 100% every word that is written in the bible! 🙂 You see, I have a personal relationship with Jesus and it is amazing! bad things happened over 2000 years ago and bad things are still happening. God isnt afraid to let us know that.

        I leave you with a few verses from the bible-

        “…the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” 1 Corinthians 2:14-15

        “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ Psalm 53:1

        “A fool has no delight in understanding, but in expressing his own heart.” Proverbs 18:2

        “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:18

        I dont ever want to be a fool again! Been there and done that and there is so much greater joy and peace in living by and believing in the word of God!

        I wish a great life and a wonderful day! 🙂

  25. Charity says:

    This is the first post of yours that I’ve read (found thru and I’m about to go read a bunch more! Awesome post. Thank you!

  26. Britney Holmberg says:

    I don’t think this article is about how “Awesome” CrossFit is verses anything else…
    It’s about how f’d up women are with body image and trying to see past that.
    Not only CrossFit, but in any gym setting/ sport women refuse to lift weights because they feel ” bulllky”.
    And I agree, needs to end! Women have been to useless for too long… Fighting for equal rights and treatment blah blah but won’t lift a weight to save their life because in the end, looks are more important.
    We need more articles like this to float around… That ya, no shit you’ll gain some muscle mass… But you’ll be a hell of alot fitter, faster, and well, more useful in society.
    Both genders should invest in activities that simply makes us strong, fast, fit and healthy… After all, we are suppose to be top of the food chain.
    So set aside the endless arguments of CrossFit…
    Yep, it’ll add some lean mass to you, but so will any sport or activity that requires strength and anaerobic activity ( no shit)
    You wanna body build, do it, but that’s a whole difficult ball game…
    You wanna do Zumba.. Do it, good for the brain, hips and probably gets to pretty horny …
    But if you are concerned whatsoever about bulking – don’t both doing CrossFit, infact, don’t waste your time in any gym…. Start setting goals to get ” fit” not “skinny” to look good at the bar.
    Raise the bar for women in general… realistically we will never be stronger than men, but Jeeze it’d be sure nice for ALL of us to keep up!
    So thank you for this article… Hope it gets around not to promote CrossFit but to better our gender and remember ladies, a healthy tight women = a healthy tight …..

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  28. Sandy says:

    Thank you for writing every word you put here. It really hit home. My utmost respect to you.

  29. RIcksick says:

    CrossFit changed my attitude about working out, and changed my life. Hope I don’t fizzle out in 2 years. Jesus also changed my life.

  30. Lori says:

    this is a great article
    BTW- yoga has been around for thousands of years- it is not a fad— get your facts straight

    • Christy says:

      I agree! I love crossfit AND yoga. They actually compliment each other really well. As far as the bulkiness issue, I’m way bigger than anyone in my yoga classes…lol. I can’t find women’s dress shirts that fit my arms and shoulders that also are small enough to not swallow up my waist. Don’t event get me started on pants made for women who can’t lift more than a 6-pack of diet coke! And, I’ve certainly been called bulky by my skinny friends. All this even with a low body fat percentage. HOWEVER, I think they are the one’s with the body image issues. I feel like I look and feel fabulous. And, I also agree that the physical is simply a by-product. When I work out, I’m not thinking, “Oh this is gonna make my abs look great.” I’m thinking, “I’m going heavier/faster/stronger this time. I’m gonna get it!” Its about how the improvement of performance makes me feel. Love it!

  31. Stephanie says:

    Great article!! I used to be that girl, and now I get excited when I gain weight! I have a new prospective on beauty: Discipline, healthy, strong.

  32. Wayne..Bodybuliders pick stuff up, they put stuff down…and work at a process that the body was never “engineered” for…Crossfit is designed to enhance the human body’s natural movements…

    AND…since when do branches of the military embrace “bodybuilding”???

    They do embrace Crossfitting…get a clue…

  33. Csaskia says:

    Greetings from all the way down in New Zealand! What an awesome blog walking in spiritual and physical health is such a blessing. I love Crossfit it’s pushed me to limits I never thought I could break before but the competitive and camaraderie nature has given me that push and addiction to feeling fit and healthy. What I don’t understand is the criticism I’ve seen from people about it. Im an avid Crossfitter but it wouldn’t cross my mind to go to a body building or any other sports blog and criticize those who are passionate about it! Whatever your passion is I say good on u. Anyway, absolutely love your blog 🙂

  34. wayne says:

    Guess i will see all you cross fitters at the finish line of stampede, Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder then.

    • BRITTNY says:

      bahahahahaha. I crossFit and am a horrible runner and was still the first woman finished at the Warrior Dash.

      • Jay says:

        He used a bad example. He should have mentioned a triathalon, marathon, sprints, a specific sport, simming, etc. You’d fall middle of the road….at best. Crossfit makes you good at……Crossfit. Just like mixed martial arts training makes you good at mixed martial arts.

      • Tutone says:

        Wrong Jay. I hit the golf ball much farther than before. I hit the softball much harder and farther than before. I can run longer and faster than I used to be able to (I’ve done half marathon’s). My body, as a whole, is completely stronger. All my muscles work together now. My life is better because of Crossfit. Period. Now, you may not be able to hang with the elite, that only train at one specific thing, running, swimming, etc. But most people don’t just do one thing in their life.I feel that I could go on any kind of vacation and be capable of doing any type of physical exertion. Tell me, how many marathoners are strong enough to go snow skiing? Or surfing? Or deep sea fishing? Scuba diving? Hiking? I promise you they aren’t strong enough.

    • Cheryl says:

      Warrior Dash done (last October), Tough Mudder done (x3), working on my 4th in two months, finished in the top 20 twice. Competing in my 3rd Tri in August, (finished 7th and 4th in the first two). Marathon is too one note for me and why would I do just a swim event…I’m not a swimmer. I regularly participate in 5k and 10k events and always finish in the top even though I detest running. The point is Crossfit trains you to prepare for many different types of events or to be fit in life, because you’re not specializing in any one. It doesn’t mean that training specifically for a biking event or a marathon is bad in any way. Just different. I’m at a loss to explain why you feel the need to denigrate something that you have never tried or have clearly not researched fully. I celebrate athletic pursuit as a whole and am fully supportive of anyone who chooses to get themselves fit. Why aren’t you?

      • Jay says:

        I’d say it’s the attitude that most Crossfitters have about the system. I’m an Exercise Science guy and have done enough research to know that 1) Crossfit makes you decent at a handful of things, but great at nothing and 2) the injury rate in no way justifies the gain….possible gain, I should say.

    • Caroline says:

      Huh, CrossFitters do really well at those challenges. The blog post is about women being bulky so I’m not sure why you even commented on the blog, furthermore what are you doing reading a CF blog when you’re tired of it? Good job though side-tracking everyone.
      By the way, when I was keeping up with a Marine in the Tough Mudder and ended up passing him, I overheard him say to his buddy, that girl is a beast! I’m 5’2″ and weigh 104. I took it as a compliment b/c he was referencing my performance not my size. CF may not be for you but something tells me you’re intrigued.

      • Jay says:

        Not all Marines are tough….some of them push pencils.

      • Tutone says:

        Oh, this clearly HAD to be the pencil pusher one then. No way that Caroline could have been more fit than a non-pencil pushing marine…

  35. Plug says:

    Wayne – I finishe the Penn Tough Mudder this spring with no training, other than Crossfit. I actually found the TM to be pretty easy…..just sayin

  36. Plug says:


  37. Peta says:

    In less than 2 years time, Wayne will be a member of a CF Box. In the meantime, eat shit.

  38. Chantelle says:

    Waar kan ek dit begin doen????

  39. Kris says:

    I don’t know about Coach Barnett’s self proclaimed, “tough love” approach but I think everything written in this article is pretty well, universally known to begin with…If people already didn’t have this preconception concerning training/fitness, maybe they should be hitting the books instead of the gym.

  40. Almien says:

    Awesome, so well said!!! Crossfit and weight training has completely changed my outlook on what my body should look like and I am loving the results so far. I get so irritated when people ask me if i’m not scared that i’ll become butch or bulky, so from now on I’ll just direct them to this post. As for crossfit being a fad, I don’t think so. When so many people have a passion for something, and that something unites people across continents ( I am in South Africa by the way), it’s not just going to disappear. Sorry to those we irritate by talking about crossfit all the time, but you know what they say… if you can’t beat them, join them.

  41. Jay says:

    Wayne and Greg, you can’t walk into a lion’s den and expect to not get bit. But if you do….come equipped! Wayne, you’re right….it’s not a “be all end all.” It’s another method of getting people to move. No reason to hate on it for that. If you’re going to hate on it, hate on it for becoming more and more watered down everytime it grows. That’s what programs do. The further away they get from their original plan/idea….the more watered down it becomes. We have weekend warrior types with a little jingle in their pocket going out, buying a spot, paying for a BS “certification,” and are then teaching Olympic lifts. I’m not paying that guy to teach me sh**. Want an example? Youtube….”Revival Strongman.” After you watch that video, you’ll understand why I’d like to invite the owners and coaches of that box to my MMA gym for a few rounds of ground and pound. Completely irresponsible. If it were up to me, only people like Kelly Starrett would own Crossfit affiliates. (If you don’t know who he is, I advise you to look him up “”) Hate it for prescribing max lifts at max speed under serious physical duress….recipe for disaster on joints and connective tissue. Hate it for being created by a guy (Coach Glassman) who, by the looks of him, doesn’t even believe in his own “program.” Look him up, he looks like a bag of sh** (and doesn’t understand Exercise Science even a little bit). Hate it for really being nothing more than an outstanding marketting program. Who said P90X was a fad? That sh** sells like hotcakes! Another garbage program lacking in periodization and progressive overload created to make money (can’t hate the American dream either buddy….that’s the nature of the beast). Crossfit, P90X, Insanity, etc = great marketting. Hell, I’d like to someday invest in a Crossfit box. It’s not going anywhere and it’s a sure fire way to make some serious ends. My people would understand good movement, however. Hate it for touting the Crossfit Game winners as the “fittest on Earth.” Hahaha!!! Really??? REALLY????? Which brings me to the elitist attitude they have adopted as well…feel free to hate on that too.

    All that being said, if people are willing to risk injury to gain whatever it is they get out of it….so be it. Who are you to question what someone else does?

    • Jay says:

      And definitely feel free to hate comments like this: “Crossfit is designed to enhance the human body’s natural movements…” Because if that’s what it’s designed to do…..they’re failing.

    • Ryan says:

      YES! Yes, this man said what we’re all thinking! I don’t do crossfit, but sure as gravity (being an unseen force) knows that what we should all strive for is being active and off our butt. So can’t we all just get along and leave the elitist attitudes? I mean, seriously (I hope) we’re all human, and at some time in the day we all have to sit down and think…….on the toilet.

    • Jay says:

      And DEFINITELY hate on their “fearless leader.” Read this and tell me how much you want to be affiliated with ANYTHING that Coach Fatman is involved with…..–_Timeline.html

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  43. I don’t have a CrossFit Box in my country yet, Lebanon. I am the second person that does CrossFit (the first beat me to it and she became a Level one Coach like a year ago her name is Rita and she’s a beast!) and follows the crossfit main site and sometimes crossfit football and I do add some strength exercises when I can. I’ve been doing it for 5 months now… I am stronger, fitter, faster with better agility and flexibility.
    people hate on Crossfit mainly because:
    1- they don’t care how strong/fit/agile/fast/etc they are, they care about how they look in front of other people.
    2- I gotta admit, that due to high volume and not much experience in oly moves and jumps and kips… Injuries do happen. I don’t mean Rhambo stuff, I mean shoulder, hip or knee injuries. it’s not CrossFit’s fault… it’s our fault for pushing the limit a little bit too much.
    3- it’s new… bodybuilding been around for how many years comparing to CrossFit. and they will always fight crossfit because if people believe that being fit is better than looking good, they will go out of business (of course not in 10 or 20 years but eventually)<— my opinion not a fact.
    4- they never tried it
    5-they tried it the wrong way and nearly had a heart attack or whatever… so they felt that flexing the biceps is easier.

    I will pursue my CrossFit dream, Get my Level 1 and open my Box. I already have people asking what steroids I am on when they see me front squatting 120kgs and Deadlifting 180kgs (I am 178cm and 81kgs).

    keep up the good work… you guys changed my life.

    • Jay says:

      A good way to look at it…’ll be decent at many things, but great at nothing. Keep up the good work sir!

      • I am not an athlete I don’t need to be “GREAT” at anything. I am a regular guy, I don’t like bodybuilding (tried it, it’s shit) and I don’t do MMA, I don’t have NFL or Rugby where I am from (the two most demanding physical sports in my opinion). so CrossFit works for some people. they need to be smart about it and not over do it and injure themselves that’s it.

      • Jay says:

        Injury prevention being the key variable. When you have a coach that thinks they know what they are doing and you as a client listen and abide… do you prevent what I would call the inevitable. Ask your box owner why he/she has no choice but to purchase liability insurance from Crossfit’s HQ.

      • Jay says:

        And I’m not trying to be out of line here, but your last comment sounded like you were okay with mediocrity.

      • Tutone says:

        Jay, you are pathetic. Go away, nobody on here likes you. You spew hate. You can get injured doing ANYTHING incorrectly. The key is to get in the right gym, with the proper trainer. I bet that any one of these crossfit ladies could whip your butt at just about any physical event (that you don’t specialize in). Fact is, crossfitters are more fit than most people.

    • Tutone says:

      Good for your Hassane! Keep spreading the love.

  44. Cynthia Burris says:

    Your blog was re posted by one of the owners/trainers at my gym and I am so glad I read your post ! I love your scripture references and they are right on, if you are obedient and faithful to God then all other pieces of your life will fall into place according to God and his wil therfore He will be pleased. Ephesians 6:6 Not with eye-service, as men pleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart;

    Thank you for sharing !

  45. Elizabeth says:

    It was definitely a fear of mine when I began crossfit. Once I started I realized it wouldn’t happen. I may have more defined muscles but I’ll never be huge. Love crossfit Love Christ!!! Great post!!

  46. K. Crafton says:

    You know, I was one of those people thinking that Crossfit was a fad and I was riding the Zumba train. Then a friend convinced me to try CF because it had changed her life. I struggled with the fear of bulkiness and it was one of the first things I said to the trainer (I’m sure he wanted to slap me). I’m so thankful that she pushed me into this ”fad”. Although I’m still one of the weaker members of my box, I cannot believe what I can accomplish now. And I’m proud of my muscles and how I’m changing my daughter\’s feels of what a strong woman looks like. When I started, she told me that ”girls don’t lift weights”. Now that same 7 year old is in the box with me, trying to do muscle ups while I work out! People say it’s cult-like because I talk about it constantly but it\’s mostly because I want others to feel amazing in their skin too (especially moms with 3+ kids like me that had given up being in shape ever again). Thank you for posting this!!!

  47. Jay says:

    How do I get involved? I’m really looking forward to becomming the standup guy that Coach Glassman is!!!–_Timeline.html

  48. Kim says:

    Well written! I agree with everything and feel its so important to weight train in a cross-fit regiment. I just wish you didn’t list Les Mills in a negative capacity. As a BodyPump instructor, I encourage proper technique to build lean muscle, add bone density in essence burning fat for a healthy body. Try a class, guarantee you love it!

  49. Suzanne Cox says:

    OK, but they picked some pretty good pics of women that look good….after knowing/seeing a lot of the Crossfit women, yes some do bulk up and frankly some look like men…so I think its how the womans body reacts to the Crossfit workouts bc I have seen both. Just sayin…

    • Danielle says:

      But you’re talking about the women who actually compete in the CF games and train specifically for those types of competitions… go to any average CF box around the country, and you’ll see the women who work out there and who are just working on their fitness and bettering themselves are not bulky. Women in general do not produce enough testosterone to become huge.

  50. drew says:

    Crossfit isn’t going to die out, now for the haters, get back to good life and get on that curl machine and keep pretending like youre getting to where you want to be. Is it bi’s and tri’s today ladies?

    • Jay says:

      Drew doesn’t realize that there is an entire population of athletes who don’t train like bodybuilders. Those same people also see how pointless it is to rep out 21 cleans. Glassman: DO THIS!
      Crossfitter: YES MASTER!!!

      • drew says:

        I totally realize theres different styles of training, but to come on a crossfit blog and try to bash a training style that is getting 10’s of thousands of people off their couch and doing something is great. Too those people crossfit is a huge driving force to keeping people who practice it healthy, strong and confident. I’ve read countless success stories about crossfit. Also, im going to go out and say half of the crossfitters don’t know and don’t care who glassman is, hes taken a step back in the crossfit world.

      • Alexandra says:

        Jay I haven’t read all of your comments so maybe you’ve already answered, but; what type of training do you do?

      • Jay says:

        Stregnth & Conditioning… Dan John, Mark Rippetoe, Jason Ferruggia, Luis Simmons, Robb Wolf, etc. You know…..the industry that Gregg Glassman thinks he’ll somehow ruin.

    • Jay says:

      Getting people off the couch is a great thing…no doubt. Getting people off the couch to do an AMRAP that results in over 100 dips and then 48 hours later have them pulling max snatches is absolutely retarded. And I’d argue that the variable for results may not be CF…..maybe the variable was just getting off the couch. Seen the injury rate of CF? Astronomical! Not hating, just throwing out some knowledge brother.

      • Erin says:

        Just wanted to say that I worked my a$$ off with a personal trainer prior to CF for an entire year and didn’t gain a tenth of the amout of power/athleticism that I have gained from doing CF for only 7 Months. I think what it all comes down to, in regards to this particular coment, is the programing. If you have a knowledgable coach/owner (or whoever does the programing) you won’t be getting injured and your body will be able to recover properly because of the programing and more importantly the scaling.

      • Jay says:

        Shame on your personal trainer. Find me a knowledgeable Crossfit coach. And I’m not talking about the CEO or former athlete who went out, paid for a 2 day course, got a cert and started training people. I’m talking educated. Someone who genuinely understands Exercise Science and how the body operated mechanically. They exist…of course. Kelly Starrett being at the tip of that spear. But they are few and far between. Ask your box owner who his/her insurance is through and then ask why there isn’t an option to buy insurance through anyone other than Crossfit HQ. I’ll help…..because the injury rate is so astronomically high, private insurance companies refuse to insure them. If you like it, good on you. But do what makes sense…..35 snatches doesn’t.

      • Jay says:

        *operates. And no one “programs” at Crossfit. They don’t believe in periodization.

    • Jay says:

      And if you realized there are different training styles, you wouldn’t have made the comment you made.

      • drew says:

        I was making a snyde comment to the people who were making snyde comments. Theres shitty form in every single gym in the world, people getting hurt stepping off the side walk to cross the street. Theres not an ‘astronomical’ amount of injuries in crossfit

      • Crossfit changed my life. says:

        I can’t believe no one has said this yet…. But you are the biggest know it all ever!
        You don’t like Crossfit.. That’s fine. Not everyone living on this planet has to love Crossfit… Or bodybuilding, or yoga, or running, or boxing…. We’re all different and unique. Your comments are so annoying! If you hate it so much then go create your own thread/website/article somewhere and voice your opinion. Being so keyboard happy on this article is a waste of your time and frankly everyone else’s reading comments.

      • Jay says:

        I don’t know it all. I just have a real educated understanding of how the human body performs. And I don’t hate Crossfit. I think it started out as a great idea. Then when a handful of real coaches who actually knew how to train (and were affiliated with Crossfit) tried to help perfect the majorly flawed system, they were run off. Obviously, they would have messed up the marketting scheme that is in place. I’m sorry you feel annoyed. Maybe try not reading my stuff. Just a thought….train hard!

    • Jay says:

      Olympic lifters suffer less injury than badminton athletes and you should check the numbers…..astronomical was the correct adjective. I understand you wanting to defend something that you’ve been brainwashed into accepting, but I’m asking you to step out of the box for a second. How much sense does it make to have a client perform 30 snatches as fast as possible? You probably don’t have a higher education in Exercise Science so I’ll bear with you, but the answer should be obvious.

      • Tutone says:

        It makes sense to me, if you want to better yourself. But at my box, if you don’t do proper form, you don’t get credit. So it boils down to the trainer. Some suck, some don’t. Isn’t it about that with everything in life?

    • Jay says:

      And accepting shitty form while performing olympic lifts is nothing short of complete ignorance. That mentality comes straight from Glassman (who you said no one knows). His 20% slop rule. There’s no room for slop in olympic lifts. A hundred years of olympic lifting backs my statement up.

  51. Adam says:

    “Values are aspirations and they come to life only through our behaviors”

    Anyone bashing CrossFit is insecure that they aren’t doing the best thing. Any crazy CrossFitter that has to talk all the time about their workout, and their own results, etc. is just as insecure but more insecure with themselves. Why do people avoid what’s going on inside them? You know what beliefs you have about yourself and others based on your emotions and actions. Seriously people, worry about what’s going on inside you emotionally before you start obsessing about your physical fitness. Both sides. CrossFit is a fantastic philosophy that creates a unique culture. However, there are just as many insecure CrossFitters as their are in Globo Gyms. Why? Cuz we’re all people with issues and there are plenty that don’t work through their issues. We’re all avoiding the real issue here when talking about which is best. I’ve tried lots and ultimately CrossFit makes the most sense to general physical wellness. I also like people and therefore love community more than working out alone. If you’re not the same, well then guess what, there are a plethora of varieties you can choose from.

  52. Suzy says:

    I love crossfit! Never been into sports in my life never done any real training. Crossfit is for everyone! It’s helped me in so many aspects of my life not just improving my cardiovascular strength, stamina, physical strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy but it’s also made me a better person on the inside. It’s helped me be stronger spiritually, allowed me to make better decisions, assisted me in pulling through and not giving up when times get tough. Get it!!!!

  53. Marian Eadon Hale Broggi says:

    Well, I personally had a question about cross fit making me too muscular. However, I personally think the girls you have on here as the non bulked up ones look too bulked up. I do not want all that definition! I would like to keep curves and aroundness, not have a straight figure like a man, and especially not have the 6-pack! I have always been thin and toned. But I just prefer to keep some softness and I prefer it on other people too. What you look llike has nothing to do with who you are inside. You can be strong and independent and all woman and have softness and curves! ALSO, I think it’s important to note that this author seems to feel that its black or white…either crossfit or superstrong, etc… OR anorexic. There is so so so much in between. My personal opinion is somewhere in the middle is best. Now, having said all that, I know that dedicated crossfitters do it for reasons beyond what it makes them look like, which I admire! So, back to my orininal question…I enjoy and thrive on being physically fit . I love the way it makes me feel. I was looking into crossfit and was wondering about what could possibly happen. I feel that if done in moderation, I would have nice results…just nice tone and great strength and fitness. I would NOT want to have the strong difinition. Nice, lean strong difinition, yes, but loss of my womanly curves, NO WAY!!! I just do not find anything sexy or feminine about it, regardless of it representing strength. So, to the author, chill!

    • Michelle says:

      It’s not black and white, and if you read it in detail he says that these athletes do not concern themselves so much with what they look on the outside. They’re diet and regiment is to sustain the strength they need to COMPETE. I am a crossfitter who used to do figure/bikini comps. It is all about diet, the ladies who I crossfit with are all different. Some are muscular, some are curvy, and some are thin. It’s all about genetics and diet. If he comes across as a little rude is because people just assume so much about the sport. Same thing for regular training, so many women think that they will get too bulky if you lift one dumb bell. Women are not built like men, unless you take illegal substance that is when you get bulky. So in the end, ask any trainer crossfit or not, it’s all about the diet and if you don’t like being bulky then you don’t have to be.

  54. Marian Eadon Hale Broggi says:

    please disregard all the misspellings!! was in a hurry!

  55. Angie says:

    @Jay-I have a feeling you are a rep counting personal trainer losing his clients to the amazing high of Crossfit.

    • Jay says:

      Not yet. That’s because most of my clients are educated about the ins and outs of Exercise Science and how the human body operates……something Crossfit has yet to master. We’ll call it Strength & Conditioning….not personal training. Thousands of years of periodization and progressive overload wont be out done by a program that utilizes neither. I have nothing to worry about.

      • Tutone says:

        “Not yet”. “I have nothing to worry about”. Actually, you just admitted to it by your first statement. YOU LOSE

    • Tutone says:

      BINGO. Angie hit the nail on the head. Now we all can see where his disgruntledness comes from. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. FitnessKelly says:

    I really am genetically bulky (and lean). It is my body type. I’m freakishly strong for my small, female stature and always have been. Without any training at all and despite being lean (in times when I wasn’t actively lifting for various reasons), I have been asked what I do to get such large and defined arms or quads or calves. That said, I’ve only EVER met one other woman who had the same body type as me (she won a sexiest biceps contest against men and never had picked up a weight in her life). It’s pretty uncommon. It is pretty common from women to retain that feminine despite years of Crossfit training.

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  58. Tim Kovar says:

    Lighten up Greg.

  59. adamfit says:

    Well I have to say that I was in the same boat as a few folks who replied to this post. Didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and didn’t understand what crossfit actually was, so I put down and dismissed something when all I had to do was a little research. I have been for the most part, a “specialist” over the years concentrating on distance running and martial arts. A buddy of mine started CF around the first of the year and tried his hardest to get me to start as well. I resisted because I felt that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. It was much easier to make fun of him then actually give it a shot. This past April I figured I would get him off my back and give it a shot. Do I think it is the is all end all and you need nothing else? ahh no. It is a great addition to any sport specific training program. if you just want to stay in great cardio shape, gain lean muscle and lose some fat, crossfit is all you need. My last race was a 24 hour ultramarathon and all of my training runs 5 hours or longer on the weekends started at 4:00am. I think I have the self discipline to train on my own as one of the posters above replied. I was quite surprised in the sense of community between the members, especially when I finished dead last in a 2k row only to have the others come around and cheer me on to the finish. Will you see that anywhere else? I don’t think so. anybody can do it and it does not matter your ability or age. because of this and the great freindships you will develope, this is far more than a fad. My run times are already coming down and I feel stronger than i have in years. This is no “fad” and will be around for years to come.
    keep up the great posts and I will be checking back

    • nick says:

      great to hear somebody who knocked it actually give it a go and see the benefit of it

      • adamfit says:

        Nick, for sure. I’ll be the first to admit that I was a hater. i guess now you can say I have totally “drank the coolaid” so to speak and am all in.

  60. Is it true that Crossfit gyms were started by the Church of Scientology as a recruiting resource?

  61. Geni says:

    Great article! I want to join a CF gym, but can’t afford the rates.

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  64. nick says:

    To all you clowns wasting your time bashing crossfit, you clearly have no idea, its great that you train in a “real gym” thats fine we crossfitters don’t go around bashing other exercise. and by the way all you guys who bignote themselves i guarantee that if you were to try a crossfit workout you would die in the arse, doing weights and cardio you won’t have anywhere near the capacity that a crossfitter has…i loved the article and was also nice to see Pendlay saying he loves it, even though he doesn’t do it

    • FitnessPro says:

      for the record, this article does bash other exercise.

    • Actually yes it does. According to the Crossfit (via the inventor, owner, operator), exercise science and physiology is a worthless endeavor that has never produced anything. And you can find countless bashes of other sports and fitness. Triathletes come immediately to mind when Glassman slammed their entire community.

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  68. Elri says:

    Great article – thanks! 🙂 Can’t wait for my next WOD!

  69. Anne says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

  70. MadCray says:

    Reblogging for all of my CrossFit friends….

  71. MadCray says:

    Reblogged this on Cray's Take… and commented:
    Severely enjoyed this quick blog.

  72. Penny says:

    What makes cross fit effective and not a fad is that it targets a persons agility, stability, speed, strength, power, and endurance. Also it a sport “the sport of fitness” and a sport that evolves with research and fitness unlike P90X. Crossfit is for those that want to be stronger, faster, jump higher, and be overall better than the person next to them. So like other sports such as soccer and football, crossfit will remain a growing sport throughout the world. It is not a sport that all will do because it takes work and dedication, however, it is a sport that all can do. Be healthy and move in what ever way suites your personal goals.

    • Jay says:

      Take agility out of that equation because Crossfit is completely linear. And the only research that backs Crossfit up is the research conducted by the people who have created the product or who have a serious monetary interest in it. As much as I hate P90X, there is faaaaar more Exercise Science backing up their product than Crossfit. And you compared it to soccer and football….completely asinine.

    • Jay says:

      And it doesn’t make them better than the person next to them. That’s why Crossfit catches so much flak….the elitist attitude. I’d argue that I could make you jump higher, run faster, become stronger etc with a well rounded periodized strength and conditioning program. Actually, I guatantee it.

      • Jay says:


      • Tutone says:

        Dear Knucklehead Jay, a “well rounded periodized strength and conditioning program” is essentially crossfit.

      • Jay says:

        Yes, I read through all of your nonsense. And yes, I’m proud that you have become a better, stronger, faster person because of Crossfit (regardless whether or not you did it less efficiently than you could have at a much higher risk of injuring yourself…ever heard of the “Novice Effect?”). Yes, you can get hurt doing anything, and yes, there are more fucking intelligent ways of attempting to prevent injury. I’m not going to waste any more of my time arguing about whether or not a 20 year old program of exercises that have been irresponsibly thrown together is better than the thousands of years of proven strength and conditioning methods. Especially with someone who is nothing more than a client of a box who wouldn’t know how to spell Exercise Physiology if I just hadn’t. You said that Crossfit is periodized. Let me help genius. I just went through’s WODs. I counted 21 days before I saw a deadlift (life’s most important lift….NOT the overhead squat) and who knows how long it will be before I see it again. Now, here’s your chance to explain how periodization works. GO…..

      • Jay says:

        And please don’t bring up marathoners again. They’re weak. I don’t hold much respect for people who train their bodies to be slow. We’re at the top of the food chain! Who do you want to look like? A 30 year old elite sprinter or a 30 year old elite marathoner??? Wanna look like a tiger…..move like one!

  73. Great article! A bunch of my friends have this fear and I continue to stress to them that it just is not true and CrossFit will bulk girls up but now I can just send them your way!

  74. Amy says:

    Great article! I’ve been doing Crossfit for a year now and did little before cf. It’s all I do for fitness 4-5 days a week and it has done wonders for me! I’m 46 yo, 30 lbs. lighter, see definition in my muscles that I have NEVER before seen, made some great friends and look forward to my WOD almost every day for two reasons: to improve myself mentally and physically and to work out with the great friends I’ve made. It’s so motivating to workout with friends who are pushing you to do your best, whether you finish first or last. I personally don’t see it as a fad. My box has many new faces just in the past couple of months. We’re outgrowing our box and will be moving to a bigger one in about a month. I hope it’s around for a long time…it’s what I need!!

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  76. allthewaydoc says:

    I didnt read all the comments but I did read the article and I think it is a great article. Personally I am not a crossfitter and have never been interested in it but I do workout 4 days a week. I am a “genetically bulky” person if you will but lifting heavy and pushing myself hasnt made my muscles huge! When I started I was 175# and 32% bf and am now 166# and 12% body fat and in the same size jeans! Muscle is beautiful! And I dont care who you are, if you arent using performance enhancing drugs, you arent going to look like the woman in the bodybuilding shows! Women need to stop whining and just start working hard if they want to look awesome! it doesnt come easy but it dang sure is worth it!

    • Jay says:

      Well said and another perfect example of how Crossfit is not the “be all” of fitness. Not to mention, you’re saving yourself plenty of MRI scans. Good work!

      • allthewaydoc says:

        Having had one ACL replacement, I have NO desire for any more reconstructive surgery! And my joints are all shot to hell and the speed at which things move in crossfit is not friendly for them. I tried cleans the beginning of the year and they damn near killed me 🙂 no way I could do speed reps 🙂

    • Tutone says:

      Crossfit teaches you to not say “I can’t”. I too have had an ACL reconstruction. Wasn’t able to do squats. Now I can, easily. It’s all about proper form. You aren’t going to learn that from one freaking try. You can do them, you just have to learn how to do them properly, with little weight at first. After awhile you will be able to.

      • allthewaydoc says:

        I can do squats, I just struggle with my form. I dedicated a year of lifting to squat form and I for the most part I can do it pretty well, I just struggle with it mentally and see no point in the frustration. It isnt the ACL reconstruction that keeps me from it as much as it is just worn out knees and torn up meniscuses.

        As in all things, there is more than one way to get the legs one desires so i have chosen to go with something that doesnt stress me as much mentally. I need all my mental for work 🙂

  77. Carin says:

    Yea, what Jameson said!!!! Couldn’t have said it better! I’ve been part of a Crossfit family for 8 wks now and am happier than ever with my results as well as my overall balance between mind, body, and soul! It has truly taught me about the strength of my mind as well as getting stronger physically. Other than being a single mom, it’s my biggest challenge in life yet with the greatest rewards!!!! Soooo in a nutshell, don’t knock it before you try it!

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  80. Dev says:

    so what is cross fit is a just another fad? i agree that there are people who go into cf because it is the “in” thing now. but just like any other form of exercises, there will be people who stick to cf til the day they can’t walk no more. let me give u another example, running aka marathon. the number of people signing up for marathons are increasing. i have been to countless marathons. And I see a lot of people WALKING, not running. but that does not mean running is just a fad? no. there are numerous people out there who are truly passionate about running. there will be people walking out of the box and never come back, but those who stay on are the ones who are serious about cf.

    and p.s coach Barnett, I am so loving this post! I myself am tired of explaining to other ladies that squats will not make me bulky. what it gives is a sexy pair of buns 😉

  81. xWulfgar says:

    “Just do it!”- Nike
    “Nike!” – Pheidippides

    Stop hating and either work out or don’t. It’s your life/body.

  82. Jen says:

    I am putting this in my blog. It goes with what my daughter even said, she thinks I will be this huge muscle beast. I laughed and said not even likely. Good read! People if you haven’t tried CrossFit….just go out and try it and stop condemning something that is way better than Zumba! I did that and ew. If I am going to sweat and dance, I will go to a bar….at least get drunk and I don’t look like a fool.

  83. Jeff says:

    US Special Operations use CrossFit. I think that is a good enough reason.

  84. Tonic says:

    Apparently myopia is ubiquitous in both the crossfit and non-crossfit communities. The prevalence of the military’s use of crossfit is a myth – having been in the infantry in the Marine Corps, I would consider longer metcons as extremely detrimental to troop readiness while being deployed (e.g. Humping with 90 lbs of gear over 10 -15 km after DOMS sets in from the Filthy 50, you are putting your squad members’ lives at risk). If doing Crossfit makes you feel like you are somehow akin to the service member, I guess that is your prerogative, but you are in a fallacy that is probably bigger than the phallus you are being for proclaiming how elite you are.

    Secondarily, when you craft an ideology and mythos around a way to exercise, weather it is p90x, Crossfit, pilates, et cetera, you are deluding themselves in believing that your chosen methodology is superior. It’s a diversion tactic employed by people that want your money – like Greg Glassman nonsensical verbosity – it is exactly what religious separatist do to gain followers.
    As far as exercise: do what you love, don’t take yourself too seriously and if someone is telling you exercising wrong – instead of regurgitating others, really think for yourself.

    • Jay says:

      BAM! Perfectly stated!!!

    • FitnessPro says:

      awesome! exactly.

    • Tutone says:

      Well I know a Navy Seal member that tells me they do crossfit exclusively. So I guess if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me… And it’s not like they do the filthy 50, or even something comparable, every day. Some days are light, some are heavy. Your post shows your ignorance in the whole philosophy of crossfit.

      • Congrats on what you were “told”. Naval Special Warfare (SEALs) do NOT endorse it. Even more, they specifically advise against it to any future candidates or wannabe SEALs. Look it up, read the official statements, do your homework.

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  87. FitnessPro says:

    While CrossFit has many benefits, it is not for everyone. If step class and Les Mills gets people moving, IE exercising, then these programs are also serving a purpose. Then again, what do I know, at 37 years young, I’ve only worked in the fitness industry for 20 years.

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  89. REAL FITNESS says:

    Here’s what I dislike about this post…”…when they start to FEEL what REAL fitness (Not step class, Les Mills, or leisurely strolls on the treadmill.)” I was a collegiate gymnast and soccer player. I know what REAL fitness looks like and feels like. You can find that in Crossfit. You can also find that in a gym, with Les Mills programs, or on a treadmill. The implication that Crossfit is the ONLY way to achieve real fitness is ignorant and cocky.

    • Jay says:


    • Tutone says:

      It’s not the only way. It’s just the best way I, and many others, have found for a complete body transformation. I guarantee that everyone who tried it, properly, would experience exponentially greater results than their current workout regimine.

  90. amanda lay says:

    I was seriously into fitness in 1992-1996 felt the best i have ever felt in my last life! Besides looked the best i have ever looked in my life i want to get back on the fitness train!!!! Why is it so hard???

  91. Dave C. says:

    I stopped on over here at FMS thinking it would have something to do with Gray Cook and the FMS screen? Boy was I wrong, Just a bunch of pious Reebok CrossFit apes worried more about looks and vanity. From what I have read … The Body of Christ was Strict Paleo. Just saying … Sounds like a Copyright and Patent infringement case waiting to happen!
    Nahum 3:5-6 (NIV) I am against you,” declares the Lord Almighty. “I will lift your skirts over your face. I WILL SHOW THE NATIONS YOUR NAKEDNESS and the kingdoms your shame (yes, “for God so loved the World”)! I WILL PELT YOU WITH FILTH, I will treat you with contempt and make you a spectacle!

    Sounds like Reebok CrossFit to me!?!

    • coachfms says:

      What is all this psycho-babble? What are you even talking about? lol … I think you have us confused with someone else. The “FMS” in our title stands for, “For My Savior”. Gray Cook’s thing stands for “Functional Movement Systems”. Totally unrelated. And how do you come to the conclusion that we are, “a bunch of pious Reebok CrossFit apes”? I’ve never met you and you have never even been to my box.

    • Jay says:

      Hahahahahaha!!! Ohhhhh the hipocrisy! And you’re right about Reebok….this organization has completely sold out. The next big thing in globo gyms. Wonder if Gold’s, 24 hour, Bally’s, etc will welcome them with open arms?

  92. adamfit says:

    CrossFit is like fine art – critiqued by many but understood by few

  93. Keidy says:

    Hey Coach. Thanks for the post. I started crossfit about 3 months ago. I have never taken fitness or working out seriously. I also never thought that crossfit was something I could do, especially with my lack of athletic ability. I needed a DRaStIC change. When I started, I never felt from any of my coaches or fellow CFitters that I was incapable. On the contrary, they were eager to help. This was a great enthusiastic push. Some people need this type of motivation, like myself. Now, I have to tell you, I’ll never look back. When I end up doing something I couldn’t do before, it’s a moment of bliss and excitement. A great blessing.
    And on the note for girls bulkiness… Julie Foucher’s body is what I would hope to aim for. Healthy, lean and strong. What great attributes for your body, mind and SOUL

  94. Sunny says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that there are certain gyms/boxes that have less-than-qualified trainers who should have no business teaching people how to do a bicep curl let alone a clean and jerk or a snatch. Having said that, I am lucky enough to go to a gym that has not one, not two, but FIVE coaches who are all extreeeemely well trained in different aspects of strength and conditioning. We also regularly bring in experts from specific modalities such as endurance, gymnastics and olympic lifting and give our members specific training in those areas. Is Crossfit the be-all and the end-all of all training regimens? Probably not. However I’d say it does come pretty darn close. Also, not everyone has the time, money or motivation to read up and study exercise science and kinesiology like you or your clients have Jay. Which is why the industry of personal training exists. Choosing between going to a globo-gym and paying someone 50$ a session to “look good nekkid” and paying a $100 a month to look feel and PERFORM well is a no-brainer in my humble opinion. Will a pure CF athlete lift as much as a powerlifter or olympic lifter. HELLLLLLL NO! But that is NOT what we’re training for. Also, I know your time is valuable and you’ve pretty much made up your mind on how “bad” crossfit is, but I humbly submit for your perusal. Look at a month’s worth of workouts from there and then tell us all with a straight face how “bad” the programming is.

    • Jay says:

      That’s awesome that you are fortunate enough to be in a gym like that. Unfortunately, there are more bad coaches than good. And I don’t hate Crossfit. It started out amazing…..and then became watered down. HQ has shit on every beast strength coach that they were ever affiliated with (Rippetoe, Wolf, Hillis, Dan John, etc). They certify trainers just to certify them….they rake in cash like this. I’ve seen crossfit football. It’s a bunch of the same….no periodization, progressive overload, etc. Crossfit needs to stick with Crossfit. They know nothing of explosive sports, how to create optimal power in an athlete, etc.

    • Jay says:

      Btw, you were going strong until that crossfit football comment! I don’t think you understand how garbage that program really is.

      • Jay… give me an alternative accessible to anyone for free online and let me try it for 5-6 months (with progressive overload and periodization) and if it works better, I’ll come bash CrossFit with you. 🙂 and no I am not satisfied with mediocrity it’s just that I don’t compete in anything, and again I am not an athlete, I just want to be the best “I” can be without narrowing my progress options to speed , or power lifting, or oly moves, or agility… it doesn’t have to be an “either, or” case. That’s why Crossfit is working for me (no injuries yet) and YES the 35 rep snatch is stupid I never tried it and probably never will, but seeing powerful ppl muscling the bar at that speed makes me think, if they can do it, I probably can too (one day!) 🙂

      • Jay says:

        Free? Nothing’s free sir. And if you think that a person teaching themselves how to properly perform olympic lifts by watching free Crossfit videos is a safe bet, then I’ll have to forfeit my side of this argument. I have no business conversating with that kind of intellect….or lack thereof.

      • Jay says:

        Oh and 35 reps of a movement isn’t considered powerful….that’s endurance.

      • Sunny says:

        See, this is precisely why I figured you were in it merely to bash crossfit. If you are telling me that a program that the likes of John Welbourn has come up with, in collaboration with some of the same stalwart strength coaches that you mentioned, that includes different sections for off season and in season training for athletes, complete with a dedicated strength program to supplement the daily metcon, then IMHO sir, you have a bad case of exercise myopia. Again, do I claim its the best thing since sliced bread? Hell no. But it isn’t the devil you make it out to be either. This may be anecdotal for sure, but I was doing “regular” crossfit for close to a year before switching over to football, so you can’t really say I was a newbie. However, I didn’t let my ego get in the way, or rather my coaches didn’t, and as a result, where I was only making 5 lb increases on my lifts before, I’m making 10-20 lb increases on the basic lifts, I’m stronger and faster than ever, and I still do pretty decently on an assortment of metcons.
        P.S.: I will agree with the watered down argument. as it started out is a different beast than the .com we see today. I can only hope that something that has given 100’s of thousands of people the ability to move and lift and do things that they hitherto thought was impossible..doesn’t COMPLETELY sell out.

      • Jay says:

        Name dropping does nothing for your argument. I don’t have to bash the program. How does an athlete reach peak performance at the start of a season without implementing one iota of periodized training. You’re faster and stronger than ever? I argue that with a proper strength and conditioning program you’d be even faster and stronger.

      • Sunny says:

        You don’t have to bash the program? Then pray tell me good sir, what exactly are you doing here? And again, I wasn’t name dropping for the heck of it. Those same strength and conditioning coaches that you hold in high esteem like Robb Wolf, Gregg Everett, Mark Rippetoe and the likes all approve of this program. What exactly is your beef with it? Where do you not see periodization? If it helps 100’s of thousands of people get results in a safe, effective and quantifiable manner, what seems to be the issue here? Should everyone pony up 75-100 dollars for a 6-12 week custom program from a personal trainer? And just so you know, I have done that as well. A 12 week program complete with accumulation phase and intensification phase and the likes from a respected Poliquin certified professional trainer. Was it good? Hell fuckin yeah! Did it help me reach my goals? Absolutely! Would I do it again? Probably not. I derive more satisfaction in being in a close knit group atmosphere. Not to mention I would like to see gains QUICKER than I was with the Poliquin program. Because ever since I started CFFB, the gains have been quick, consistent and more than ever before. You really cannot logically argue against that now can you? I get that you dont like crossfit and you think its worse than satan’s asshole. But seriously, I really dont think there is any need whatsoever for you to keep hating on something that so many of us are clearly enjoying and finding fulfillment with.

      • Jay says:

        Rippetoe endorses it? Here are some words of his on Crossfit: “The vast majority of programs don’t make use of the novice effect to its full potential. CrossFit is an example of a training method that neglects to make full use of the fact that strength will increase rapidly if you ask it to, and that a strength increase makes all other fitness parameters increase along with it in an untrained person, male or female. It works very well since it is most people’s first exposure to an exercise protocol that’s supposed to be hard, and the impression of most inexperienced people who have tried it is very positive. P90X works well for the same reason, as does HIT, Turbo-Jam, the first week of football practice, and all participation in the first phases of any reasonably challenging sport. A strenuous physical effort – no matter what it is – acts as a stimulus for adaptation, up until the point that the adaptation occurs and the program fails to further progressively load.
        This failure may be inherent in the program, like HIT-type Nautilus or Hammer Strength training, which rapidly exhausts the potential of one or two sets of about 10 reps to failure on singlejoint/single “bodypart” or “muscle group” machines to continue to produce enough systemic stress to drive an adaptation. Or it may be a function of the inability of the programmers to utilize the tools properly, since CrossFit certainly embraces the concepts of training useful movements that affect the body systemically.”

        I do not see periodization in any of it. I’m curious as to where you are seeing it. I’m also curious to whether you even know what periodization is.

        You used the word “safe.” There must be an explanation as to why box owners don’t have the option of buying liability insurance for their gyms anymore from anyone other than HQ. (I know the answer…I’ll let you research that.)

        Yes, your gains have come quick….for the exact reason RIppetoe pointed out in the above statement.

        I don’t hate Crossfit. I hate that it has become insanely watered down. And if you like it….great. That doesn’t change anything that is currently going on in my life. If you’re happy….good on ya! Train hard!

  95. AishaSaidIt says:

    People taking time to hate other people for what they do with their time are hilarious. If Crossfit is not your thing then why take the time to read and comment? I have not once went to a pole dancing fitness website and commented on an article. It’s not my thing but hey you do you and I will do me…see simple. But I guess being happy with your own life and decisions also helps.

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  98. FitnessPro says:

    More on why CrossFit is “awesome”, and why step and les mills are worthless.

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  100. Judy Nels says:

    I’m not even sure who said crossfitters cannot do marathons, triathalons, etc. You could not be more wrong. I do crossfit and have run the last 10 Boston Marathons…..did I win, no, but crossfit has made me stronger and helped along the way. Stronger legs, equal more stamina, more endurance….all needed for all those type events (marathons, triathalons). I do crossfit because it is tough and believe it or not, I’d like to keep myself out of the nursing home …. keeping your strength, balance and flexibility is key to that goal…..I am 52 year old mother of three and can run circles around people of both sexes that are much younger than me……I don’t bash any regiment that keeps you moving….that’s what it’s all about…but I think if I choose Crossfit along with hundreds and thousands of others, there has got to be something to it…….it works for us… get your facts straight, people who do Crossfit do run marathons, do participate in triathalons, etc. !!!

    • ricksick says:

      Keep up the good work Judy! That is an incredible testimony. I am also a marathon runner (also 52), and though lately I’ve had less interest in doing that distance, I am beginning to train for fall, and CrossFit has made me so much stronger. Strong core and strong legs = greater endurance, quicker time to base CV stamina, and fewer ‘phantom’ running injuries.

      • Valerie says:

        Amen! I too run and have started CrossFit a few months back. I lowered my mileage on my runs because I want to keep up CrossFit and running. I ran a 1/2 marathon and got my best time ever after CrossFitting. And to think I was just going to let this be a “fun run” and not care about time since I didn’t actually do the longer runs like I’d done in the past (still did a few but not like I trained in past 1/2’s or full’s). Anyway, it just really goes to show what this type of workout can do for your strength and endurance! Keep up the great work fellow athletes! (BTW….I’m nearing 50 myself 🙂

  101. martin says:

    This talkback doesn’t even talk about the subject of this article, which is about girls looking bulky or not on Xfit. And YES they do! The girls at my crossfit have a very man-ish physical look. Any program that makes you lift so heavy will do that. Unlike Yoga which will give you a more feminine and natural look because you always lift your own body weight. Now if the argument is that you like muscles on a girl, that’s fine. But there’s no way you can convince me that these girls don’t look bulky and that this the natural normal look of an healthy women. It’s the look of an athlete lifting huge amounts of weights.

    • Alexandra says:

      “Any program that makes you lift so heavy will do that” –Martin women don’t produce enough testosterone to look huge by lifting heavy. Diet plays a big roll in appearance too. Women may be carrying a lot of water weight or extra body fat to have a “bulky” look and the women that actually are lean and ripped and huge TRAIN and EAT to look that way. Heavy lifting in your box’s regular wods will not make a woman bulky.

  102. Susan says:

    wow …..great article and in my opinion so very true ! I was a crossfitter for 3 years, loved it, lived it, addicted to it. My coaches in my opinion were and still are the best around. I stopped because of many reasons with only one being I was not too happy with my appearance, I was thick and yes “bulky” however it was not due to crossfit it was my diet ! What you said above makes perfect sense if you are going to train like an athlete you must eat like one ! Each person has personal goals and what works for him/her and you should try many things to see what helps you reach your goals. I have since become a personal trainer and certified weight loss specialist and believe me when I tell you…it is all about what your eating !! Crossfit is amazing and it is great to be part of something like this. Don’t knock until you have tried it !

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  104. I don’t think there is any one perfect workout style. crossfit, zumba,taebo……every one is gonna have pros and cons to it. Just decide which one works best for you and go for it.. I was watching the tour de france a few weeks ago and there were some people complaining about the celebrations of a rider after he won a few stages. The commentator said it perfectly. Bottom line is if you don’t like what hes doing then go out and beat him.
    instead of wasting your energy bashing crossfit, go out and create your own program. Valerie, rick and judy, I also am an ultramarathon runner. my last race was a 24 hour run this past february. since starting crossfit, i am stronger than i have been in years (44 years old). As far as bulky goes. Women that compete in bodybuilding to me are a little too big. that being said, I can totally appreciate the hours of hard work that go into their sport. I enjoy watching the competitions as well. the bottem line is, if you don’t like it don’t look at it.

  105. Reblogged this on Transformation Pics and commented:
    Just recently came across this blog & instantly became a new follower. Not only because I love what the FMS acronym stands for, & we work in crossfit type workouts in our program. But also the physiques in displayed in this article from the extreme to the crazy athletic & amazing body composition the cross fit women have. Enjoy.

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  107. Springnation says:

    Awesome post! thanks for the info! I’m yet another happy follower!

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  110. Alexandra says:

    COACHFMS thank you for posting this. It was re-posted by our box’s owner for some of the girls who are afraid of what you cover here-I think women who are new Crossfitters don’t realize all of this and if every one of them who has/had these concerns in the beginning were to read this or have someone talk to them about their worries, they would not shy away from heavy weights and what they are really capable of.
    I used to be afraid too-but soon got over the worry. I’ve been training for 9 months now and honestly feel better every single day (I also eat clean and know how to use food to my advantage and to manipulate my performance and reach goals)- my family has a nice long bloodline of athletes on both my mother’s and father’s side. I feel that Crossfit woke something up in me that I would have never found before-which is my potential as an athlete. I don’t care what I look like to anybody-because in my own eyes I just can’t wait to get stronger and see more and more PRs (btw I’m 130 lbs, and latest DL is 290-I had never lifted a bar before starting CF). It doesn’t hurt that as time has passed, more and more girlfriends or girls I barely know ask me for workout advice, they tell me they wish they had my arms or my legs or wonder more and more about Crossfit. I like to feel that I’m a walking advertisement for something that changed my life-and all I want is for people to have the opportunity to try it so they might get the same reaction out of it.
    i know all of the negative thoughts and judgments that people have about CF. I know about the articles that compare it to a cult, or a bunch of idiots following any orders, the injuries, the elitist attitude, and so on.
    I see that. But I don’t think those types only exist in Crossfit-they exist in all walks of life, in any organizations, in society AS A WHOLE and they exist in ignorant, shallow people. I think the majority of people who hate Crossfit or have more negative than positive to say about it are annoyed because they hear about it so damn much (“How do you know when someone does Crossfit?”–“Because it’s all they fucking talk about”.;)) , feel left out, or have never tried it or tried it once and had a terrible experience and then quickly found a hater-article to support their reasoning why they would never go back or give it a go in the first place.
    The bottom line is, you need to be informed in order to progress and be well-rounded. <–I'm going to keep that vague and general.
    Don't let your own insecurities misjudge someone or something.

    I love your post-and thank you again!

  111. Alexandra says:

    Sorry I wanted to add my reason for giving my current deadlift and body weight is because I look small and in normal clothes no one could expect I’d be able to even lift a few bricks -I’m just under 5’6″ (I wanted to support what you say about the difference between when a woman is in competition or in the middle of a workout and wearing barely anything with sweat covering her body and when she is dressed up and more covered-what you get is an undercover-beast!)

  112. adam says:

    WOW! Obviously Jay has all the answers , no sense in replying to him as that will just tick you off even more.

    • Jay says:

      Not all the answers….just some logical ones. Train hard!

      • Molly says:

        You keep talking about how CF lacks periodization and yet, you have never explained what you mean by this and how CF apparently fails so in this regard. If you are truly trying to educate us in how CF has gotten so watered down and strayed from its original, according to you, more defensible methodology, then you need to be more complete and informative in your posts and not just bash CF.

      • Jay says:

        Wow. You gotta be kidding me. This is what I’m talking about. Have you seriously not taken the initiative thus far to research it?

      • Molly says:

        No, sir. Wow to you. Again, you are avoiding the question. I was giving you the opportunity to give some facts that provide some insight to backup your complaints and all you can say is “Go research it?”. With all the time and energy you’ve spent on this site, you could have explained what I’ve asked you ten times over.

      • Jay says:

        Holy shit. You’ve asked for it ten times? Be real….no you haven’t. I shouldn’t be surprised that you weren’t willing to look it up for yourself…..after all, us Americans are all about someone else doing the work for us these days. Nevermind the fact that I could be completely full of shit. Either way, I’ll happily hand you some information that you’ll undoubtedly pass off as unimportant and wont consider in the least….because it goes against your current fad. And it’s not a complaint, it’s a fact. Periodization is a concept used to promote long term training and performance improvements. It helps reduce the risk of injury and any other negatives that come along with overtraining. There are various models used that I wouldn’t dare waste my time explaining to you. I think we could both agree that deadlifting every 15+ days will not result in shit when it comes to getting stronger. “Oh yeah buddy? Well, everyone at my Cultfit gym has gotten stronger!!!” Great… Mark Rippetoe’s “Novice Effect” for a perfectly good explanation of why that has happened. I think we could also agree that the injury rate is out the roof in Cultfit.

      • Molly says:

        Ha! That response made me laugh out loud. Literally. I never said I had asked this question 10 tens. How could I have? This was my first post ever on this blog – an invitation to you to provide some information about your precious periodization. What I said was that with all the energy you’ve been putting into your knocks against CF, you COULD HAVE explained this periodization concept 10 times over. And I’m the close-minded one when it was I who opened the door for you to provide some more information to enlighten the rest of us? Really? Yeah, I think by your response you’ve clearly shown who’s the close-minded person in this exchange. Could I have looked up periodization myself? Of course I could have; and, as an engineer, I would have anyway to draw my own conclusions from what you may have had to offer in your response. But, alas, you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. So unfortunate! Oh, and, really, please, you know absolutely nothing about me so don’t start making personal attacks based on nothing. As it happens, I’m not a CF nut; I don’t even belong to a box. I’m simply a fitness enthusiast, (in service of my own athletic pursuit, which also happens to be artistic in nature), who is able to acknowledge the many benefits of CrossFit, through CF-based training to which I’ve been introduced over the past year and through which I have experienced much improved performance as compared to prior training regiments I had followed jn the preceding several years. Anyway, I truly thought you might have something useful to say in continued defense of your points, specifically about periodization, which is why I asked my question in the first place. So sad to have it proven via your response that your only real interest is to bash, not to educate. So so so sad…

      • Jay says:

        The last half of my response explained periodization. I’m assuming you don’t understand? (see: “I’ll happily hand you some information that you’ll undoubtedly pass off as unimportant and wont consider in the least.”). Good prophecy on my part. And you don’t have to throw bullshit credentials around. That’s always the best way to get someone to roll their eyes. No one gives a shit about you being an engineer. I’ve met lots of those idiots.

      • Sunny says:

        So now engineers are idiots too? Wow Jay, it seems to me that ANYONE who doesn’t follow your approved way are automatically retards and idiots. And if throwing credentials around is the best way to get someone to roll their eyes, were you expecting that to happen when you were saying you’re someone who has learnt and understands exercise physiology better than most of us around here? The previous poster did have a point. You COULD have given CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of CrossFit methodology. You COULD have suggested ways to go back to the “true” CrossFit roots that we seem to have strayed from. But instead, you come on a CrossFit blog, uninvited, with the SOLE purpose of knocking on a way of life that hundreds, if not thousands of people have found fulfillment with. A way of life that supports veteran soldiers and law enforcement officials. A way of life that gives the people involved in it the chance to part of a community of like-minded people. Not all people are of the mindset to go to the gym regularly on their own. This sense of community is what keeps many of them coming back. The feeling that they are not only letting themselves down, but their fellow team mates as well. Once again, is it the BEST form of training ever invented in the history of mankind. Of course not. But it comes pretty darn close is what I and many others who are involved in this community would say. So for the love of training hard, Mr. Jay, if you don’t have something CONSTRUCTIVE to say, why waste our time and yours by continuing to maliciously attack something we love? Its not going to win you any fans, or if that isn’t your intention, its certainly not going to get anyone to change their viewpoint on CrossFit either. Go ahead and train the way you feel is best. As for me, its Max Effort day at the gym and I’ve been chasing the big 4 on the deadlift for sometime now. Hopefully today is the day. Train hard, train well!

      • Jay says:

        Naw, that was me just being a dick. Uncalled for, yes. My bad. You guys have fun at group fitness. Train hard!

  113. Heart for Souls says:

    ME your freaking awsome! Cus you have the holy spirit which is awesome! GOD= Awesome Im so inspired by this!

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  115. Denis finocchio says:

    Amen my sister in Christ and Crossfit!

    I’m 60 and began my Crossfit journey this year
    Changed my mind set my lifestyle my health endurance and fitness. I may not finish 1st or Rx but I finish. Every day I am better than the day before! Blessings to u and ur article! Keep writing!

  116. Dodo says:

    I don’t see why others who workout regularly are giving such negative criticisms here! Different people have their own preference, if you don’t like just get out of here! Stop being a spoilsport, spoil brat and sour grapes!

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  120. Jacque says:

    these comments are funny. whatever you “do”, make sure you love doing it.

  121. Joe says:

    There is nothing like CrossFit right now in the market, if you have any athletic background, ANY at all, there’s no way you won’t fall in love with the training methods. Yes, there are bad coaches, as in with every sport where technique is key, and that has nothing to do with the sport but the coaches themselves for being bad coaches. Also, you cannot compare CrossFit to Zumba, are you kidding me?? How many people twisting their hips doing Zumba looked like Rich Froning. I am powerlifter and a former college football player, i have played almost every sport from middle school to high school. So when i come across CrossFit, my jaw drops and wonder where the heck was this when i was in high school, or why didn’t i found about it. CrossFit has just started and will be around for years, even if it’s within the CrossFit community itself!

    I freaking LOVE CROSSFIT!!!!!!! anyone who feels differently can go sit on a couch and be a bodybuilder, and build FAT!!! lol….

    • Jay says:

      Nothing at all? Not even all of the Strength and Conditioning facilities across the nation turning out All State high school, All American collegiate, and elite professional athletes on a daily basis???

  122. Trollolololol.

    Definition of TROLL on Urban Dictionary- “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

    We don’t feed the Trolls on my blog. These are the same silly troll posts that were posted at the start of CrossFit. Don’t be a sucker. CrossFitters fall for it every time!!!

  123. Mark says:

    First let me say that I do agree with you about weight training not “bulking” females. As a personal trainer I have to break down this truth to women on a weekly basis. But to say, or think, or imply that crossfit is the answer to get women, or men in top physical condition is just bogus. There are many different ways/styles of training that can benefit people, and lifting heavy mixed with cardiovascular exercise is a great way. Not for time, or with ridiculous amounts of reps. And although you threw out a slight compliment to bodybuilders, I guess I took a little offense to some of your comments. I’m a competitive natural bodybuilder, and while yes, we are judged on our looks, it’s busting our asses in the gym every day and eating a super clean diet that allows us to step on a stage that only 1% of the World will ever accomplish. It’s not ALL about crossfit, it’s about putting in hard work everyday, with whatever you do. God bless, -Mark

    • Jay says:

      They’ll never understand what you’re saying Mark. Their shephard thinks for them.

      • Christy says:

        Thanks Jay for all your commentary on this blog. I am new to CF and although I feel I am having a positive experience with it, I looked up some of the links you posted and feel I can be more objective toward the program now. I also feel like you dispelled some of the “urban legends” embraced by the crossift culture. I am a social exerciser i.e. biking groups, running groups, walking with friends, yoga, swimming, aerobics back in the day….but I also was a D1 collegiate athlete and I love the competition of CF. Bottom line for me, it’s fun and new. I hope I don’t get injured, but at this point it would be worth it to me after all the fun I’ve had over the last few months. I LOVED your posts on this site. I don’t agree with everything you said, and I don’t have the knowledge to argue with any of it, but thanks for presenting the information. Perhaps in a few more months I’ll say, “Jay told me so.”

    • Molly says:

      Mark – He didn’t talk about natural bodybuilders. That’s true, and I can see how you might feel attacked if it appeared that he was suggesting all bodybuilders use steroids. I think you need to focus on what his message is and who his audience is. Given that he is talking to women, it is a fact that women cannot get those bodies (reference the photos he used) without “help”. We aren’t talking about figure competitors, we’re talking about the non-figure, non-fitness bodybuilders. The other major point is that gthe type of training that goes into bodybuilding training is focused primarily on bucking up

    • Molly says:

      Mark – He didn’t talk about natural bodybuilders. That’s true, and I can see how you might feel attacked if it appeared that he was suggesting all bodybuilders use steroids. I think you need to focus on what his message is and who his audience is. Given that he is talking to women, and non-athlete women at that, it is a fact that women cannot get those bodies (reference the photos he used) without “help”. We aren’t talking about figure competitors here, we’re talking about the non-figure, non-fitness bodybuilders. The other major point is that the type of training that goes into bodybuilding training is focused primarily on bulking up, not on functional strength and conditioning. It doesn’t mean there aren’t bodybuilders that train functionally, they might be out there. You yourself may train functionally and might work on your conditioning. However, it’s not the grand preponderance of bodybuilding training in use. I can attest to that personally. I am not a competitive bodybuilder or an elite athlete. What I am is a competitive ballroom dancer. In my pursuit, conditioning is key; but lean muscle is also key. I used to train like a bodybuilder because I was dating a bodybuilder and didn’t know any better. I was doing alright in my competitions; but it was based on talent only. I didn’t have staying power and I would lose condition and cramp up by my final rounds. Then I started following a CF-oriented training protocol and it changed my body and my conditioning. I was finally able to have my talent, my dance training, and my physical training working together in harmony to not just produce alright results; but wins in event after event. Anyway, my point is – let’s focus on the message and if there’s something to add that can enrich the conversation (e.g. some bodybuilders do train functionally), then add it. Maybe I have to read the post again, but I don’t recall him saying CF was the only answer out there – the end all. It is unfair to call CF and the touting of its benefits bogus. CF-based training has helped, and continues to help, thousands of people daily. I know this from personal experience.

      • Mark says:

        Molly, I appreciate your well thought out response. I read my reply back, and what I intended to say was that it was bogus to think or say that Crossfit was the “ONLY” way to get the female body into top physical condition (this is what I felt was implied from reading the blog). I am in fact a functional trainer, and do circuit training with my bootcamps. I use (as well as do myself) things in training such as box jumps, pull-ups (albeit dead-hang ones), burpees, sprints, etc. I am a bodybuilder, but I believe in and preach overall physical conditioning. Not every bodybuilder is a roid-head, although the famous guys do give the sport that stero-type. My biggest concern with crossfit is the over-training of muscles and lack of proper instruction. I have 6 clients that are former crossfitters that I am currently helping rehab injuries from crossfit. Heck, my girlfriend does crossfit, I just have a different philosophy and approach to being “fit”. I have a female client that squats 255# for reps, and she’s 5’7″ and 122 pounds (proof that lifting heavy does not “bulk” women). In the end, I’m for anything that gets people off their butts and in shape. I just tire of the whole “cult-like” attitude and the above-all mentality that crossfit has created. I’m generalizing crossfit the way he generalized bodybuilding. But I think it’s amazing that the name of God is being spread throughout this particular box, and I can always get on board with that!

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  126. Sneha Lal says:

    Your blog is very nice, I have learned more Keep up the good work I am grateful and I appreciate. Thanks.
    online training sessions

  127. jrog19 says:

    Great blog!

    Wow!! SoooOOO many CF haters out there. I feel for sorry for them….

  128. Matthew says:

    what a great post!!!
    you know your doing something worth while when you got haters.
    crossfit will be around for many many years to come and so will the haters.
    I love my Lord and Savior and love me some crossfit!!!
    To God be the Glory

  129. charcoop says:

    This thread reminds me of what is wrong in our country. What started out as a simple statement about women and bulkiness becomes an argument over exercise, religion, haters, and trainers. What if everyone just did what works for them? What if our government did what is best for our country? What if people who want to worship did so and those that don’t worship don’t? What if bloggers were more thoughtful and accepting of others? The internet is a great tool, but as it has evolved, has become a forum for anyone to thoughtlessly post their opinion, many times in an unproductive hateful way.

    I’m 52 years young. Have been athletic since I was a teenager and never stopped working out except for babies and surgery. Skiing, running, hiking, biking, kayaking, lifting, circuit training, cross fitting, etc. It’s all good. Do what works. Keep moving. Injuries happen in any sport, recuperate and move on. If possible, don’t sit at a desk all day – set a timer to remind yourself to take a minute walk or stretch every 30 minutes. Humans were made to move not sit. Just do it.

    • ricksick says:

      Well said Char. We need to ignore the negative contributors here, and pray for them. May God bless us all, help us to accept one another (and IGNORE one another when necessary for our own peace of mind), and in all things, God’s will be done! In the name above all names, Jesus Christ who alone is the Holy One above all.

  130. Soldier of Fitness says:

    From the wise words of some rapper I can’t quite recall..’Haters gonna hate!’

    Seriously though, this debate is ridiculous. We in the military have been doing high intensity circuit training for decades. Good on someone for branding it and exposing (and encouraging) the masses to a new way of training. Wish I had though of it!

    I am Special Forces soldier. Sometimes I do CrossFit WODs, sometimes I follow Ross training principals, sometimes Military Athlete (much tougher than CrossFit – google it!), I love middle distance running and sometimes I just like to press iron and bulk up for a month or so (usually before Summer of course!).

    EIther way, I am constantly training and maintaining my fitness in a varied manner. I love it all.

    All that matters is that you people are exercising. Something is better than nothing. Activity is better than Apathy.

    Get over it. That is all.

    (Thanks to the author for the blog).

    • That’s an awesome an honest response Soldier. The problem only arises when you are talking to an evangelical Crossfitter who follows the protocol to a “t”. Because that particular mindset leaves no room for the individual. Directly from their own play book (HQ) there is zero difference in the workout of a 90 year old woman on oxygen, versus a special operator. Intensity can be scaled, but the exercise will NEVER be different from one person to the next. That’s psychotic. Crossfit absolutely works. It just doesn’t work when followed to a religious nature as prescribed by HQ. To all those who aspire to be better physically, good luck and awesome work. I don’t care if you do Yoga, Zumba, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, whatever. Do what works for you.

  131. Sam says:

    The problem with this post isn’t whether CrossFit is a “fad” or not (i think its great) the problem is that this post once again objectifying women, telling us what is the “good looking” girl and the “terribly looking girl”. Also telling us the reason why we should do CrossFit. WTF what if we should just do crossfit to get strong and have fun? What signals does this post send to all the naturally skinny girls out there, who tries to gain weight, for instance through CrossFit. Or for one reason or another just is not interested in exercising at all!? Seriously, as a woman, you’re either too skinny or too fat nowadays. God let us just be who we are. I get really skinny when i don’t exercise. It’s not my fault it’s my god damn metabolism.

    • coachfms says:

      This post is directed at women who objectify themselves. I am trying to encourage them to chase performance and stop sweating the mirror. I addressed women who don’t exercise at all (Mother Teresa reference?). We agree on everything you said. Did you even read the post? Or are you just trying to troll? lol

    • coachfms says:

      And i don’t know where you got “good looking” and “terribly looking girl”. Those quotation marks are awfully suspicious considering I didn’t say either.

      • Sam says:

        You’re questioning people who want to look skinny, implying its no good. it make sense, but at the same time it sends out signals what is the “right way to look” and the “wrong way”. such as the line about “you’re not 12 years old!”. no trolling here. just not all women have big breasts, bums and curvy figure. some of us are pretty straight shaped…

      • coachfms says:

        The only right and wrong I am trying to encourage is for people to chase performance and to stop stressing about what happens in the mirror as a result of the work you are putting in. Sounds like you struggle with reading comprehension because you completely missed the points I made at the end. I’m not going to waste any more time debating with someone who clearly doesn’t understand how quotation marks work. There are three more quotes in your reply in reference to the blog that simply aren’t present in the blog.

  132. melisscioust says:

    Reblogged this on MELISSATRAYNORSWORLD and commented:
    To crossfit or not is not the question here bc if you are a Crossfit athlete well you SHOULD be doing Crossfit… but DAMN I LOVE this post!!! 😀

  133. Jinka Bloom says:


  134. This design is spectacular! You certainly know how to
    keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was
    almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.

    ..HaHa!) Excellent job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented
    it. Too cool!

  135. Laura says:

    Excuse me but the first “too skinny” girl is one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world. Google “magdalena frackowiak” and you will see that most girls would prefer to look like her!!!! and

    • coachfms says:

      Thanks for schooling us Laura. lol

    • simulacrum says:

      As a man I can tell you that those supermodels are never attractive to me or any of my friends. They are very unhealthy looking with no feminine curves to speak of. They are chosen by designers as tall, lanky, asexual mannequins off which their haute couture clothes hang nicely.

    • jules says:

      no one without an eating disorder or body hatred would wan to look like her. She looks like she’s in the camps. I was super skinny once, with anorexia and I hated myself (someone once cruely said making love to me was like making love to a bicycle.) Now, am working my ass off to get closer to Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s strength and speed. And I don’t hate myself. (FYI I am one of those women that tends to bulk up and you know what – let’s lose the words. I add muscle and strength easily, and for that i am very grateful.

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  139. Maude says:

    If I WANT to gain muscle and bulk is it good to start with crossfit? some people told me that you have to already have some muscles before starting crossfit otherwise you’ll just stay lean…

    • coachfms says:

      Rule #1 is to EAT to match your goals. If you are JUST looking to gain muscle rather than improve your overall strength and conditioning then bodybuilding/periodization/split routines is probably the path you want to go down.

      • Maude says:

        if I’m already on a paleo diet, would I be able to build good muscles with crossfit or it’s really better for me to my fitness model program for a while? I tried crossfit once and I was amazing! and it’s a lot more cardio than I expected! I can really felt that I wasn’t training my heart as much as I was while doing crossfit…

    • Hendy Ardos says:

      if you fuck one of these muscular ladies, when they reach orgasm, they can punch you in the face or even kill you…..DANGEROUS!!!!!!!

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  141. simulacrum says:

    I think when you said Elisabeth Akinwale and Stacie Tovar looked awesome and that female bodybuilding has something to do with looking “good”. – you pretty much demonstrated that you are very much divorced from the aesthetic that 95% of the world would consider feminine (and I include cultures that aren’t exposed to Western media and fashion). The comparison you provide is quite biased too – the skinny, unhealthy looking runway models don’t really stack up to what most people consider feminine beauty either. You could have easily chosen any pic from FHM or even playboy

    While I agree that fitness is a wonderful thing and the girls presented at the start of the article do look good, I think if aesthetics are a consideration, then women should know that if you focus on lifting and particular exercises, It will make your legs and arms thicker and your shoulders broader just as it does for men. If those particular characteristics (which, scientific studies demonstrate are universally recognised as “masculine” by our brains) are not desirable, then they should alter their workouts accordingly.

  142. I’ve been surfing online more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the net will be much more useful than ever before.

  143. Keri Horn says:

    Oh gawd! I just have to get in my .02 before inflation (via the fiscal debt cliff) takes it from me. I am currently a member of D1 (a sports training facility) that does moves very similar to CF (crossfit). Have a been a member of D1 for 6 months now.

    Long story short. For the past 17 (seventeen) years I was a member of: Ballys / Golds Gym / 24 hour Fitness. Took the classes (spin / step / aerobics). My body weight at age 27 was 150 lb (I’m 5’2″) and 17 years later (June 2012) was 162. This, in spite of doing classes 5 days a week and NEVER missing a full week workout.

    Six moths ago, I joined D1. HOLY COW!!!!!!! PEOPLE – if I could tell you all that what you learn in “girlie” fitness magazines *Shape / Self / Fitness is a bunch of $%#@#$@ in getting you fit. If I could tell you that the typical gym classes you take (that probably haven’t changed their routine in over 5 years) is a bunch of &^(%$ – I’d pay you to listen to me.

    Working out is HARD WORD. It is NOT pretty. Yes, it sometimes hurts. Yes, you sometimes drop the ball (*literally) and you may even accidentally push yourself too far (know your limits). But here is the secret to weight loss – GET STRONGER – ALL OVER your $#@#$ body!! Not just a pretty pink weight – no …. squat / bend / turn / jump / jump higher. When you’re too tired, jump some more.

    In six months I’ve dropped 20 pounds. I’m 13 pounds from my goal weight of 127. In six months I can bench 50 pounds / squat 70 pounds and dead lift 80 pounds – and the growth continues. My body shape is ROCKIN!!! I get honked at / hooted at on the street – and I’m a runner – more muscular than what many people are used to seeing.

    Things like CF and D1 sports training will teach you things you never even knew existed. I will never go back to isolated movements or movements from a pretty little magazine. Now, I use the magazines to stuff into my shoes after a good run.

  144. Nivaska says:

    Just one comment…. Loveeeeeeeeeeee CRossfit! I will neverrrrrrrrrrr go back to a regular Gym!

  145. Quisalis says:

    First of all, thank you for the awesome article. It really came across my FB at the best time for me. I have spent the last 2 months trying to decide which route to take my exercises. I previously spent 2 years at both traditional lifting with a PT and currently 2 years at Crossfit. I left traditional gym because I was bored out of my mind at it. There is only so many different ways you can press a bar before it becomes mind numbing.
    I toyed with the possibility of going back to traditional work outs, with a personal trainer. I can see how it was effective, but then again when you commit to anything it will be effective in same way shape or form. I researched all the pros and cons between the two. But I could not convenience myself to make the move. The thought of being so restricted and confined always weighed on that. I went as far as checking out a local gym and getting pricing for personal training, but it just felt stifling to me. All the machines all close together, no fresh air, and how quietly everyone was working out.
    I could not put my finger on it until reading this article nor did I realize how much I completely enjoy Crossfit. I have held back on committing completely to Crossfit because I was leery about bulking up, but not anymore. I am not a small person by nature, never will be. I think no matter what you do in this world, without complete commitment, you are not going to reach that goal.
    For those who do not agree with Crossfit, it is your right, just means more weights for my Oly bar when I am working out. To me there is a freedom that I cannot find working out at a traditional gym that I have found in a Crossfit. Maybe I am loud and do not mind hearing a barbell drop behind me, or hear someone else yelling as they hit a PR. It is hard to give up on a work out, when you all those around you cheering you on to finish it. They are not wearing noise canceling ear buds and acting like no one else is around them.
    Anyway I just wanted to thank you for the article, for all the haters you got, I appreciate the article and thank you. I found it very inspiring and motivating.

  146. Aj says:

    Women don’t can’t get bulky, lol. Slightly bigger than average perhaps, but not bulky in the true sense of the word. Now, if you’re 5′ and jam needles in you like some of the unsightly ones above, well….anything can happen.

  147. Love this. I would love to be/look like these women. Great perspective and inspiring article.

  148. Sparkle says:

    I don’t see what the problem is! These women have big arms because they physically made them through working out, unlike me , I was born with a metabolism that directs my fat straight to my arms & shoulders! I hate how big my arms & shoulders are!!! Most women have small feminine arms & shoulders, that sucks, considering they are made from a man but still have a small upper body! I bet it feels good to have small arms & shoulders. If I could pay God to have feminine arms& shoulders I would, but I don’t think he cares about that! Lol:-)

  149. Audrey says:

    I’m just starting crossfit, becoming slightly addicted to it, but concerned I won’t look feminine anymore. Strangely enough, I have no desire for a 6-pack or to be a size 2. I’d like to look like the woman God made me–curves and all–but have some major strength and endurance. This article has helped me, though I’m not completely sure this awesome workout won’t cause me to be boxy. Unfortunately, like I said, it’s addictive. I may not have a choice.
    Thank you for

  150. Formula382 says:

    Pretty good article but here are some observations as a new comer to the sport of CF. I ran cross country as a kid and went to college to do the same. After deciding not to run competitively anymore, I picked up weights during my freshman year in college and added 25 lbs in the first year…from 140 lbs to 165 in 12 months. I liked my stronger frame etc. I kept lifting, and running for years and never really stopped. Now 40 (200 lbs today) I decided to give CF a try but only to mix things up as I’ve been stale, bored if you will. I figured CF would be good as my typical gym routine is very circuit based i.e. antagonistic muscle groups, no rest and then cardio pre or post for 30-40 min.

    CF does a nice job of organizing the workouts in such a random fashion to maximize muscle confusion etc. and frankly, I’m pretty sore most days and am a mere 14 sessions into this. Yes, I did come out of a typical box but in all fairness, I’m tracking in the top 10% of every class, easily and I’m one of the “old guys”. Yesterday in our WOD, it took me 26.07 to complete and one guy finished 7 seconds in front of me.

    So, I don’t mean to sound arrogant but I think there are so many of the cultish CF types that think that good athletes don’t come from the gym space. And I’m not suggesting they do, I’m just saying that it’s the workout and the intensity that matters and that can be had anywhere.

    Another observation I’ve made is that many of the CF crowd are all inked up. What’s with the need to go getting all tatted up? Just saying.

    I like my sessions so far, the expience has been a good one. Will I compete? Probably not, I have other more important aspirations in life than going to CF competitions.

    And by the way, I’m keeping my gym membership because after yesterday’s WOD, I needed to go lift for a while:-)

  151. kmd says:

    To each their own.

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  153. Megan says:

    I love this post. I think it is hysterical when I get one of my “girlier” friends to work out with me and they will say “ahh but I don’t want to get bulky!!” – first off one work out of lifting a 12lb weight isn’t going to make you bulky and 2) muscle burns fat and you are not a man so it would be very hard for you to go beast mode.

  154. Dave says:

    Wow, I stumbled accross this and had to comment. You realise when you pointed to bodybuilding you pointed to the EXTREME end of bodybuilding??? How about you post up some Figure, Bikini of Fitness Models that compete, in Natural Competitions? Oh and by the way you’re kidding yourself if you think those “larger” women aren’t on some form of assistance and doing cross fit.

    Again I think the exercises of Cross Fit are great, but they aren’t cross fit they have been around FOREVER, Crossfit just came along and slapped a sticker on them. I’m not bashing any of those women above, I just don’t like the way the article was written.

    • jamesd3rd says:

      The Regional and Games competitions require all placers be subjected to testing. Sure can go off a cycle long before any competition but the benefits would be lost.

      You would be surprised at the number of so-called ‘natural’ fitness competitors who aren’t. From my local amateur bodybuilding days, we knew several fitness competitors and quite a few were using more than what you could get at your local supplement store if you know what I mean. They just weren’t using androgens. Looking good in a bikini while nice to look at, isn’t exactly a reflection of fitness. Just as taking lifting to the extreme as a bodybuilder, being a super strong powerlifter or weightlifter. Fitness is more about being able to adapt to any situation and being able to handle it well.

  155. ReKindle Fitness says:

    Reblogged this on ReKindle Fitness and commented:
    cool blog post, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  156. “The Fear Of Bulkiness and CrossFit | CrossFit FMS” was indeed a splendid post, can’t wait to examine
    more of ur articles. Time to waste a little time on the internet lmao.
    Thanks for your time ,Gus

  157. Great blog! I’ve already come to realize what results would be for females. What I’m really intrigued about are the results for men when they only do Crossfit. I think the body of a women doing Crossfit is beautiful. What would a man look like? I’d like to gain some muscle mass with my workouts. I don’t need to look like a bodybuilder, but want to look ideal,

  158. Barbara Davis says:

    Just want to say thanks for that article! I’ve been addicted to CrossFit for a year now. I love your name and your tag. I wish more people could understand how amazing Crossfit is.

  159. Jennifer says:

    I will never ever work out in a gym again. I appreciate the fact that my cf trainer advises me to make some goals, physicals goals such as weight loss, drooping sizes etc…should be the further down in the list because cf is about improving in all areas of physical capabilities as well as life matters…I want to be a better everything because of the Gaines in confidence I’ve Gained by overcoming physical forgotten(s) (in my case)… I love cf!! I love the energy!!

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  168. Shawn wright says:

    This makes me sick. Obviously written by a cross fitter caught up with competing against other girls. This is what girls do and why girls with low self esteem get so caught up in crossfit. Then you look back in 5 years and realize that that’s all you talk about and it has engulfed your life. Better than drugs I guess, but there are better ways to live your life. Don’t get caught up in the hype.

    • coachfms says:

      Sorry to see the impression you got. Did you even finish reading it? This was written by a male coach (me) trying to get women to start focusing on what really matters. Performance. The only person i am trying to get them to compete against is themselves.

  169. Holly says:

    I think CrossFit is awesome – CFitters can do some amazing things. I would love to learn more if we only had an Crossfit gym in my town – boo. One disagreement, though: Years ago I started taking Les Mills classes – namely BodyPump – and if not for that class, I would still be a flabby, no-muscle, out-of-shape girl. I have a great amount of lean muscle on my frame now and I owe it all to Pump. In fact, I got to my leanest and most muscular ever by doing that workout – and I’m almost 6’0″ tall! Different things work for different people. To build muscle you still have to stack the weight on your bar in that class…of course, those who choose the 2.5’s will never have the success that I experienced. Anyway, my point is that CrossFit is awesome, but so are other styles of exercise and they shouldn’t be discounted as total bs. My two-cents. Thanks.

  170. Art says:

    I love crossfit. Been doing it 8 months and its changed my life. Like it / hate it whatever. Do something!!! And by the way did anyone see that Glenn Pendlay chimed in early in this thread? He is the man,when it omes to weight lifting! Anyone who is serious about lifting knows who Glenn is. And BTW, we started a heavy lifting at the CF I go to and we are getting stronger every week. So it’s not all Cardio and Circut Training. It does help that it’s a group effort and helps me to stay motivated. If I had to workout on my own I probably wouldn’t. Different strokes for different folks.

  171. How many times do people need this drilled in their head? Seriously some girls get on my nerves. Even one girl at my box said she doesn’t want to lift as heavy as me because she doesn’t want to get bulky. Seriously?! I love looking strong, and can only aspire to look half as good as Julie or Camille.
    Thanks for the post. Women will learn one day.

  172. elaine says:

    awesome!! thank you

  173. Christie Lew says:

    Praise the Lord for scripture & two favorite things in the world. Thanks for the encouragement!

  174. J. Fo says:

    Coach Barnett,

    What would you say to someone who is slowly becoming more “beastly,” but not shredding down as much as Christmas, Julie and Camille? I’d love to look like those girls. Current Body Fat is 14% and I eat Paleo with a low-carb bent (about 2 servings of fruit per day; peri-workout). Do nuts make a huge difference in body composition? (ie: are they keeping me fat?) I do have a penchant for macadamia nuts and marcona almonds (which I understand are a little high in Omega 6’s) and I probably eat 2-3 servings per day. Should I really be trying to eat 1 – 1.5 grams of protein per lb of lean body mass (currently 122 lean body mass). I probably only get 1 gram per lb – Thank you for any insight you can provide me!

    • Sunny says:

      I’d encourage you to look into carb-backloading by John Keifer and also Crossfitters Eat to Perform blog which is based off of the same concept. They’re the experts when it comes to performance and body composition. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Jenn Ford says:

        Hey Sunny,
        I actually subscribe to the “eat to perform” blog which is how I found this awesome blog/article. 🙂 However, CBL (Carb Back Loading) has proven to put fat weight on most of the females I know who have tried it (myself included). Seems to work for most of the guys I know? Unless by CBL, you are referring to post-work out carb intake when the body most readily abosrbs carbohydrates for muscle repair? I do that, but I limit my carbs to one portion of fruit. I only eat about 2 servings of fruit per day and am probably UNDER 100 grams of carbohydrate/max 150 per day. I eat a high fat diet, lower in carbohydrate (Paleo/Primal) to sustain workouts. Fat = energy! Again, I want to add lean muscle mass and drop my body fat down to about maybe 11-12%. CBL has not helped me achieve this in the past. Any other ideas?

      • Sunny says:

        Wow. Most of the women I know who tried it seem to have done wonderfully on it. Thing is I’m no trainer or nutrition expert, so I wouldn’t know how to tweak your macros for the optimal body composition that you’re looking for. Atleast not without knowing your stats and your current macros. I research a lot of the aspects of fitness just for fun, and of all the things I’ve seen it seems CBL and Carb Nite solution are the best protocols out there both for body composition and/or performance. I would encourage you to actually buy those two books, if you haven’t already, and implement the protocols TO THE LETTER, and then see if you’re still adding fat weight. Based on my admittedly minimal research, considering that I’ve only been doing this for the past 2.5 years, I’ve found that for someone who does CF, a fat based approach with minimal carbs as you’re doing is not the optimal approach. Our form of activity certainly does need way more carbs than the average person does. One thing I’m personally not quite sure of is why Eat To Perform recommends we as CF-er’s NOT do the prep-phase for CBL and CNS. I personally found that’s what helped. Anywhoo, hope this helps you. 🙂

  175. I have to say. I’m still really confused about Crossfit and you kind lost me with the pictures of those bone thin models. I am a naturally petite person. By “naturally petite”, I mean that after two kids and at the age of 28, I still weigh 120 and fit into a little girls Large size shirt and wear women’s XS underwear. I’m tiny. The little bit of muscles I have already make me feel bulky. I’m terrified of “looking manly” because I am so petite. There are areas I’d like to work on and feel need improvement, but I don’t know how to work these areas without overworking my arms which I already feel are a bit too muscular for my frame. I guess my point is that not every woman is unusually tiny because of something that she did to herself. I feel that was a bit presumptuous on your part. I’ve looked into all kinds of routines but I can’t find anything that targets just my thighs and abs without also overworking my arms. My arms are long and have tone, I just don’t want them to look manly and to me, some of those “fit” girls, do look bulky.

    • Jenn Ford says:

      I believe Coach Barnett was commenting on the epidemic of eating disorders in our modeling industry and the idea that CrossFit is not in-line with those objectives. I don’t think she was commenting on petite frames or bashing them in anyway. However, she made the point quite clearly that exercise does not equal bulk. Therefore, having strong arms does not mean you will have BIG arms and “spot training” simply doesn’t work. There is a lot of evidence to support that (eg. cruches don’t help you lose belly fat – cardio strength/conditioning and diet do). For legs and abs, how about some squats? They don’t target your arms at all, but if you squat all day and don’t do upper body, you will be imbalanced. That’s not ideal, either….try lifting a heavy box to put up on a shelf with no upper body strength and only strong legs. Not an easy feat. You’d also have to EAT to gain mass – and you’d have to eat a LOT!

      As for Camille, Julie and Christmas looking bulky…I’m at least that size if not a little bigger so thanks for your opinion on girls like me looking “bulky.” That’s a prevalent viewpoint in today’s society promulgated by fashion magazines, TV, tabloids, commercials and Photoshop (ie: fantasy that has little/no resemblance to reality). Society celebrates a thin/lean frame but strong people live longer, have less bone density issues later in life, less posture issues (ie: hump backs when elderly) lower BP’s, triglycerdes, diabetes, cancer, mental disorders etc. etc. etc. CrossFit is challenging the current ideals of beauty and I’m EVER so thankful that it is! I’ve spent too much my life being told that I’d be SO PRETTY if only I were a LITTLE THINNER. Well guess what, you should see me in the gym – thin wouldn’t get my ass up that rope, help me do 100 pulls ups (hello ANGIE you B), help me squat 200 lbs, or be physically able to handle most day-to-day strength bound activities (I can move my own armoir, even push my own car if it runs out of gas – thank you). Oh and I love my body!

      • I didn’t mean to imply that they weren’t beautiful.They are lovely women. I can pass a military PT test (my husband is in the service, we do that together when he’s home). I used to be the “tiny girl in furniture” because I worked the warehouse in a furniture department and was always back there moving couches, loveseats, chests of drawers, mattresses, etc. by myself. I loved my job, but had to quit for obvious reasons when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I’m just very tiny and she made it sound like she wouldn’t train someone who was tiny and didn’t want to “bulk up”. I don’t want to look like a 12 year old girl, but that doesn’t mean I want to look like an 18 year old boy either. I work out, I eat, I can’t gain weight. I actually feel better about myself, how I look and feel overall healthier when I’m about 15 lbs heavier than my current weight and I just can’t keep the weight on. Every body is different, I think a lot of women in my situation, who are naturally just small framed, worry about the “bulky” appearance. We are conditioned to believe that women should have soft curves, men have hard lines and that’s a little hard to get past. Particularly when any amount of muscle mass on me, makes me look huge when I wear tank tops (and I love my tank tops). I think the hard thing to learn is the difference between “bulk” and “tone”. I don’t know what these women looked like before Crossfit. I don’t know what their body composition was before all the working out, so it’s harder for me to see what was there before the work outs and has just been toned vs an excess of muscle on their frame. To me, their muscle structure looks “bulky”, but they also look healthy and feminine. I guess I was more trying to understand how do you “get fit and tone” without looking like you’ve overdone yourself at the gym when you are already so tiny? I don’t have any upper body issues. It’s all lower body and core strength after the pregnancies that I lack. I want to look healthy and fit without making my arms look like I’ve spent hours and hours at the gym. Does that kind of make sense?

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  177. not drinking the cf coolaid says:

    I am an athletic woman, I run, I do circuit weight training with heavy weights and I eat clean and mix up my workouts. I have seen some women whose bodies benefit well from cf. They are muscular and lean. However I have seen other women whose bodies are bulky and masculine in appearance and are only recreational crossfitters. They aren’t fat, but have huge traps and quads. So yes cf can make you bulky, I think it depends on your body type. the funny part is i know a lot of guys who do cf and refer to the girls who do it a beastly and unattractive. In some cases I have to agree. Even some of the pics that are posted above as examples of good cf bodies are not attractive to most men. The best bodies in my opinion are the girls who do bikini pro competitions like Amanda Latona and Jamie Eason. They have muscle but can still wear. A dress and look like a woman.

    • Crossfit Strong says:

      Y’knw, it’s precisely this attitude that the article is trying to dispel. Why is it that you insist on propagating this? Everyone has their own yardstick by which they measure beauty. Some women find Ronnie Coleman-ish bodies attractive. Others find Brad Pitt’s “Fight Club” bodies attractive. Does that mean that one is better or worse than the other? Ofcourse not! This has nothing to do with Kool aid drinking or anything of the sort. It’s simple, diet+exercise=ideal physique. An infinite number of variables exist which make the physique womanly or manly. One thing is for sure, lifting heavy on its own, does not a manly or womanly figure make. End rant.

      • not drinking the cf coolaid says:

        Yes…but manly is manly, also crossfit people are extremely annoying. They are constantly posting pictures and statuses on their workouts. No one cares, I don’t post pics of myself working out, or announce when I. Run a mile faster. Cf people tend to do this more thane any other group of fitness people. Maybe people would be more receptive to cf if the people who did it refrained from constantly yacking about it and women who do it constantly defending their bodies as not being bulky. This websites name in and of itself is truly ridiculous….really you do cf bc of your savior hanging on a cross…a little nutty if you ask me.

      • Crossfit Strong says:

        Here’s a hint… NO-ONE asked. You think CF-ers are stupid for posting their PR’s? You think no-one cares? Maybe you don’t, in which case it’s very simple, turn off the updates from that person. You don’t need to subject yourself to updates of people getting better at their chosen hobby. Most of the people who do CF are people who never thought they’d be able to do what they’re doing in a million years. So excuse them if they’re excited about it and they want to tell the world about it. Why so much negativity? Why not live and let live? This particular box has decided to blend Christianity and CrossFit. So what’s wrong with that? Why do you feel the need to take the time and effort to belittle someone else’s journey? Especially when that journey does not affect you and your life in any way whatsoever.

    • coachfms says:

      Thanks you for your opinion and input. I think it would be better for everyone it if you took your negative and judgmental attitude elsewhere.

  178. Heidi says:

    I started CrossFit about 10 weeks ago, and LOVE it. I have seen such improvement in my body, my endurance, my attitude, my strength, etc. I was worried that I would bulk out. I am gaining muscle, but I do not believe I will bulk out. That was one of the first questions I asked though. I just want to be healthy, and have the energy to take care of our 5 kids, and enjoy my husband. Those with negative attitudes should just click on off here, because you don’t have to like CrossFit. I do believe it can be for everyone if they choose that for themselves. And I think it will be around for a long time. 🙂

  179. Tammy says:

    I have been doing CrossFit for a little over 3 years off and on. A few people have mentioned it is a FAD, but I think it is more of a lifestyle or away of motivation. I do not look bulky just fit and it allows me to feel amazing about myself everyday. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and still do CrossFit (of course the weight is lighter) convinced it will have a better pregnancy and recovery. Maybe there are some people that shouldn’t read your blog, but thanks for the post.

  180. Lora says:

    Great article! Also if so many of you hate Crossfit….why do you subscribe to the blog…or like the pages…just like you “say” you don’t want to hear about it…..then act like an adult and don’t read it then get all mad about it….we who love it don’t wanna hear your crap. I don’t like bodybuilding I think it’s ridiculous, do I go on body building sites and rant…no! That’s their thing and I’m happy for them it’s just not mine.

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  182. drpaulkratka says:

    First, you can’t be healthy without being fit. Period. (by the way you can be fit without being healthy). Second, no one is claiming that Crossfit is “the be all and end all” to attaining fitness; BUT, because Crossfit is comprehensive functional training, it is an extraordinarily efficient and safe method of getting fit and therefore fulfills one component of building health (the two other components being nutrition and life/stress management)(functional training = full range of motion while avoiding unnatural body part isolation or support of joint complexes common to traditional gym machines), CF also has a ‘tribal’ component that resonates well with humans (we’ve been members of a tribe since we’ve been on this planet) which contributes to the the social component of health (i.e. life/stress mgt). When humans exercise to the point of exertion, the research shows that ALL health metrics improve, including some of the more … abstract ones such as mental/emotional health. Ask any couple who go to Crossfit together and they will tell you that a side benefit is a better relationship. So, what’s not to embrace? Like so many here have said, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ – any person of any age who does a week or two of this type of training within the supportive “tribal” community found at Crossfit boxes will inevitably walk away convinced of its merits.

  183. erin says:

    Wow. I needed this today. Thanks so much!

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  185. fitnestdaily says:

    Reblogged this on Fitnest.

  186. charlene hillis says:

    Wow, can’t believe all the negativity. Some people just can’t stand to see others enjoying life I guess. I don’t do crossfit personally but judging by my friends who do, it appears to be a great tool for health. Carry on!

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  190. Megan lomax says:

    What an awesome post! Thank you!

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  192. andy says:

    thank you for this post. it has great insight for my friend that has issues with bulkiness

  193. Brandon says:

    Okay, so I want to leave y’all with a little something. I don’t know, nor do I care, who will read this. I am incredibly sick of people bashing CrossFit. If you don’t like it and think it’s stupid, then great, you have an opinion. My question is, why must you read our stuff and post your comments on stuff that deals with CrossFit just to state that you hate it? This article was about women being bulky. Sure, he used CrossFit as his go-to workout method. News flash: he is a CrossFit coach. Why in the world would he talk about anything other than what he gets paid to talk about, not to mention that people are actually passionate about this stuff. I think you people need to get a life. How about you come do the stuff we do, then tell us that CrossFit is “bs”.
    One last little note for you globo gym folks, when you can back squat 500lbs, clean and jerk 315lbs, and run 2 miles in less than 13 minutes, then you can have an opinion about CrossFit not getting people in great shape.

    • Why must CF declare itself the one and only way? CF claims to be the “fittest”, CF followers tend to put down other systems (even well intentioned blogs like this). CF claims to “dominate” all other athletes. CF claims that proven periodization programs are “witchcraft”. You know planned programs with a purpose, like the ones the CF repeat champions use to train specifically to win the games. CF will tell you science is BS, unless of course it happens to support an unsubstantiated claim, that HQ has a vested financial interest in.

      They make generalities that only mindless idiots believe, such as all bodybuilders (even pros) are weak. Yet pros like Ronnie Coleman lifts weights at the level of world record holders. He dead lifts and squats over 800lbs. He benches 500+. CF says that CF WoDs ALONE will make you massively bigger than a bodybuilder not taking Anabolic Steroids. This of course conflicts with common sense, as we’ll as a basic CF principle of being a non specialist.

      CF will have you believe that a decathlete may be fast, but they aren’t strong. Yet we look at the champions such as Treye Harde who reps squats at 485, he can bench at 365, runs the 400 in 47:51, and the 1500 in 4:42.

      CF would have you believe that elite athletes are all one trick ponies, when there are literally tons of players, such as NFL athletes who prove this wrong, over and over again. Take Adrian Wilson for example. He has played pro for 13 years (a lifetime by pro standards). He’s 6’3, 230 lbs and plays Strong Safety (lots of required speed and endurance). He runs the 40 in approximately 4:45. He reps 425 on a bench no less than 5 times. He has a standing vertical of 42 inches and famously cleared a 66 inch hurdle in a famous YT video.

      CF works when properly combined with real science and common sense (not blindly following the HQ WoDs). Unfortunately, most of the brightest minds who initially signed on and tried to fix hiccups in the program were either cut loose, or walked on their own.

      By the way, the numbers you just posted is not common of CFers. Those numbers are consistent with the top 10 CFers in the world via the 2013 games. Reebok even made a cute little poster showing it.

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  195. mother says:

    I’m extremely inspired together with your writing abilities and also with the structure on your weblog. Is this a paid subject or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to look a nice blog like this one these days..

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  197. Hello, Nice post. It comes with an issue together with your web page around i . e ., may well go here? Web browser even now would be the industry leader in addition to a large component of folks will take out ones amazing writing just for this problem.

  198. Natalie says:

    This is an awesome post. I thank God for you! Wow! I was just wondering and talking to God about my fear of getting “bulky” after finishing up a WOD this morning. I was concerned I’m getting too muscular when I came across your post. (You’re right, I don’t have too much muscle!) Thank you for being honest, straightforward and breaking this down for us. It is especially encouraging to know you are a follower of Christ for reminding me that I need to focus on the health side of Crossfit and that physical appearance is not the end all. I hope to visit your box one day, though not sure when that will be since I live in Miami! Keep up the great work! God bless!

  199. manU says:

    Honestly, I go to a regular gym myself and honestly, I think CrossFit is a great workout and does provide a lot of help with the whole motivation stuff. My problem with crossfit is the whole thing about it trying to be a “sport”… Like the Gym and all sorts of training, crossfit should be the middle of the way not the end. You train to look good or perform better in other sports, unless you do powerlifting, which you try to go heavier and heavier every time (low reps). I think pro Crossfitters are extremely strong and fit people that just dont cut it at any other level of pro sport, football, soccer, basketball, mma, boxing, powerlifting etc etc, and crossfit has just arrived to save them.


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  201. Grace says:

    Pure encouragement. 100% inspiring. Amazing. haha Good call on the 12 year old girl lookalikes. I have struggled with body image my whole life, and living in Korea among teeny, tiny and malnourished girls has proven to be a challenge. Despite all this, I love my body. All I want to change is to become stronger and healthy enough to climb mountains and swim rivers. Thank you for your post.

  202. s says:

    Hey there! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My weblog looks weird when viewing from my iphone. I’m trying to
    find a template or plugin that might be able to correct
    this problem. If you have any recommendations,
    please share. Appreciate it!

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  204. Amy Roberts says:

    wow, what can I say! amazing!

  205. Cate says:

    I am sure crossfit is an awesome workout. It all depends on what bodytype you like and desire. As a woman I personally find all the female crossfit examples too bulky and really a bit masculine looking. To me they look stocky and that not what I am after and I don’t think many women are. I am also really sick of being told women can’t bulk because they clearly can and do, I know this from 15 years of training in many many different forms of exercise. It’s also about how you define bulky, personally my aim for fitness is mental health ( yoga, running) and body shaping ( ballet barre and Pilates) I like a long lean dancer like look and crossfit cannot achieve this for me or any woman I believe, it’s a great workout but let’s be honest about the results that will be obtained, most women want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, not an Olympic athlete. Many women I personally know have developed much larger thigh and shoulders than they would have liked with crossfit type training. But then I know others who love that look and so love crossfit, just personal preference I guess.

  206. Caroline says:

    Thank you for this article, Coach Barnett. It was a timely blessing!

  207. Peter says:

    Coach, since you’re quoting Proverbs 31, don’t forget verse 17: “She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.”

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  211. Andy says:

    Hey all the best guys….work hard and have fun as yes you work hard and deserve the results, Just don’t tell us about every training session on Facebook…I stopped receiving posts by friends of mine because I cant stand listening to what they did at Crossfit that day…Who cares…Keep it to yourself. Everybody else just does their fitness workout and gets on with life, you don’t have to tell everyone about it, it doesn’t make you any more interesting..

  212. MJ says:

    Funny how the “Crossfitters” get all defensive and the non “Crossfitters” are defending their opinion. Just like this blog post: AN OPINION. One true fact: YOGA is not a fad. YOGA is not a competitive workout like CF and other work outs. Yoga is THE OLDEST practice, so therefore NOT A FAD. If anything, you “crossfitters” could benefit from yoga, maybe your heads wouldn’t be so big, or maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to keep defending your “work out”. Just saying, yoga is about YOU AND YOUR MAT. Not about reaching a “PR” and seeing who’s the best at it! 🙂 Then again, I’m biased and don’t want to look bulky. And YES Crossfit will bulk you up, but hey if ya wanna look like that go for it. My husband prefers my yoga bod and does not want me to look more muscular than him, and I’m A okay with that! Plus YOGA is free 🙂

  213. Heidi says:

    I just recently started Cross Fit a few weeks ago.. I was scared and nervous.. because in the gym i felt judged and wasn’t making improvements. At the box everyone has been very encouraging and supportive. I am already seeing changes that a year in the other place wasn’t achieving… fairly certain that a positive encouraging environment that pushes you to try harder and do just a little better every day is not going anywhere. Crossfitters.. keep setting the example to the world how having a heart and love for others can change the world!

  214. alex says:

    The font, it burns us.

    great post!

  215. Angie says:

    If you’re so tired of hearing about CrossFit, why are you on a CrossFit blog? The main purpose of this blog is CrossFit—what other topics do you expect to hear about?

    • Andy says:

      That’s because no body in Cross fit can see that it is wrong to constantly push crossfit on others who really don’t want to hear about it.. by coming onto the blog maybe, just maybe, someone would listen and not constantly put up crossfit ads, crossfit training regimes, what weights they lifted at crossfit, crossfit events, crossfit, crossfit …I didn’t sign up to facebook to get bombarded by Crossfit.
      I can see why some are calling it cultfit….I have been into training my whole life competing at many sports and never has one sporting type been so heavily advertised…I have friends who are into Crossfit and that’s all I hear about and yes, they cant see that if other people aren’t interested (because we are happy doing our own training) then leave it alone. I wouldn’t be forced to comment if people would just do their own thing and not push Crossfit into our faces….I love that Crossfitters are doing what they do in terms of training and being healthy but please, please leave the rest of us alone.

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  218. Great post! This is what I am trying to convince women…getting “HUGE” doesn’t happen by accident. Lifting weights, just makes women healthier and sexier. it doesn’t turn them into men! 🙂

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  223. Jake says:

    Crossfit is probably the biggest crock of shit ever.

  224. Joe F says:

    Very good post. Would be even better if you omitted the part about walking with Christ and the bible quotes. I know this is your blog but it would make it easier to share. Otherwise people are going to get near the end after reading pretty commonsensical stuff and then being like WTF?!

  225. tom says:

    awesomeness! nice article. last sentence is funny as hell 😉

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  227. sharron jenna says:

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  228. Daniel says:

    I did CrossFit back in 2006 before there were an over abundance of gyms. I got in a amazing athletic shape. I got out because it turned into a freaky cult. I’m not a blindness follower of anything. Furthermore, I refuse to call a gym a ‘box’ or ‘program’ my fitness. The only thing that is getting programmed is your hive minds.

  229. amandalnquinn says:

    Thank you so much for your boldness for Christ and for Crossfit! I just started Crossfit and now after reading your post am super excited to continue on!!
    I agree with everything you said. I’m not wanting bulky look but I do want to have a life that is healthly for my 6 kids I need to keep up with and for Gods glory to serve Him more! I believe the stronger we are physically will help us mentally and spiritually! God bless you too for your post! I love it!!

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  231. Niki says:

    And what if I am an 18 years old girl , who’s looking like a 12 year old and I do want to gain muscle? Everywhere is full with articles for people who want to lose weight , but almost anyone doesn’t turn attention to us who want to gain some weight!!? I am 5′ 4” feet tall and I am 88 lbs . I’m not affraid that I can become too muscular , it would be awesome actually. Can you pleasе give me some advise? My biggest problem is that I don’t know how many and what kind of food do I have to eat so I can manage to gain muscle.

  232. Green Lantern says:

    > P.S. if you’re a guy reading this and asking, “But what if I am a guy and I don’t want to get bulky?” Then… just… just don’t talk to me.

    The more guys with giant unsightly legs the better. Less competition for girls, right?

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    looked amazing.

  237. rodman says:

    Dont be fooled by this article 75% of the athletes in the xrossfit games are on steroids or hormones. I should know I’ve seen the positive tests first hand. But cross fit is a business if ppl relaized what you have to do on top of eating clean amd working hard they wouldn’t do it

  238. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send
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  240. victoria says:

    You’re right these women are professionals on what they do, for beginners such body it’s impossible to get. You may generate a bit muscle on legs (which is nice for woman in my point of view) and arms but not at a crossfitter way. Most of these ladies have been crossfitting more than 4 or 5 years. I really wish to look (not at all) like Danielle Hale body she is gorgeous and very female. Don’t be afraid!!!

  241. M says:

    Your article offers a very positive message for women. Thank you! I’m a rock climber and a zumba dancer (never tried crossfit) and I look like the women in your first few pictures. Sometimes I get self-conscious about my arms and back–heck even my abs–worried that the definition and vascularity is not “feminine.” Ultimately I love the sports so much that I don’t care what they make me look like, but it is nice to hear people talk up strong.

  242. Jessi Couser says:

    I only read through a few of these comments, and I was really bothered by how many negative things were being thrown out about CF, after such a positive article! Thank you for posting this. It’s inspiring to me (a CF newbie) and I look forward to sharing it with close friends who have struggled with body image issues on both ends of the spectrum. Ultimately, we’re all built differently, and we’ll look different from our “ideal” despite how hard we work. It’s about being healthly, and health includes acceptance of the body you’ve been given. Work hard, eat well, make healthy choices, but be content. When you feel healthier, you’ll love yourself more. Anyway – to those bashing CF – you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. And, all good CF gyms allow a free class for newbies. If you’ve tried it and hate it – it’s cool, go on doing your thing. Good for you if you’re disciplined, always completely self-motivated and don’t like working out with others. Those who do CF love supporting their peers. And, you can’t tell anyone here that crossfitters aren’t disciplined and self-motivated…both characteristics have been challenged greatly in me, and I know they’ll continue to grow. My last little rant – I thought I knew everything about working out. I have a strong background in dance, distance running, and power-lifting. Since I’ve started CF, I’ve been forced to unlearn bad lifting habits that would have really hurt me in the long run. You don’t have to join a box to understand the proper mechanics of the various lifts, but accuracy is the foundation of CF and soooo many people could benefit from assessing their form. Now, please stop saying negative things. Staying positive is the healthier choice:)

  243. Johnd704 says:

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  253. Nikky says:

    Crossfit does make women, in my opinion, too bulky. I personally tried it for a month and a half – and in that short time I could already see the changes in my muscle size – that I did not want.

    There are many other ways to get toned without building the “muscle mass” that you get with crossfit. I found that Pilates works best for me, specifically a free online trainer called Cassy Ho, on her site Blogilates.

    *All the pro’s of getting fit & toned without shredding your hands to bits, and remaining feminine. (The bigger arms/shoulders on the crossfit women are what I really don’t like)

    Plus using photos of anorexic models as the smaller examples will obviously make it look terrible. Anorexia isn’t healthy, and those are very stereotypical. If you want to see healthy real life transformations, go and look at Blogilates.

    But then again it’s just my opinion.

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  262. Frenchie says:

    I was all inspired an motivated and then you quoted the bible…which by all means exercise your right to religious freedom but afterward, you completely discounted any male that would want lean muscle instead of bulky muscle. Not only does one not need to be fit to be a good person (as you said)- they don’t have to affiliate with any religion nor conform to any body standard particular to their gender. Body shaming is not pleasant. I love the pictures you showed. I love the exhibition of strength without the bulk. I like the explanation of how the bulkier women got to where they are not by accident. I love the disturbing images of what advertisers use to describe what their designers see as palatable women and while everyone is free to feel beautiful in their own skin, but one cannot be of that body type and drag , much less lift, their loving husband out of a burning house (to be melodramatic).

    Please don’t mix your spiritual life with business. Don’t be ashamed, just be private. Please don’t shame anyone trying to be fit, as long as they work for it who cares if they look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mathew McConaughey.


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  264. Andrew says:

    Steroids people. If you think women build muscle and abs like this by simply doing Olympic style lifting and diet…you’re all very naive. Yes they work hard. But it’s all steroids. Just like olympic track athletes and any athlete at the top…get it in your heads and do some research. It’s the truth that they never talk about.

  265. I love this but have one question, I am relatively fit at 55 but have been trying to improve my suppleness and wonder is this for me?

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  267. Jane Santos says:

    These women ARE bulky- that is what jheavy weights do, FOOL. EXTREMELY UNATRACTIVE women who look like MEN and do MALE HORMONE injections………

  268. Bodybuilder says:

    Steroids are in use in every sport, even cross-fit.

  269. Dan says:

    Huh. And those bodybuilders of the ’30’s, ’40’s, ’50’s, ’60’s & ’70’s all thought they were weightlifters. That will surprise Arnold & Draper, who, by the way considers himself a weightlifter vs bodybuilder. Now while the ladies who juice are relatively new vs the guys, who do vs the girls of crossfit who do not, I would say all consider themselves weightlifters. The “posers” also consider themselves living sculptors (art) if you will. Or am I missing something?

  270. Chantell says:

    Fast forward a few years since the original comment made and crossfit is bigger than ever! Sorry Wayne. As for the person that said crossfit is for people who can’t motivate themselves… Pull your damn head out. Are you kidding. Do you realise how much these athletes push themselves. Get a life and get over yourself.

  271. Pingback: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17TH 2015 |

  272. Mark I says:

    As a man I will say this. Too much strength training is not complimentary to a woman’s physique.
    I talk if your goal is purely aesthetic. Many female crossfit athletes are….ATHLETES in the first place. This means they value athleticism over looks. Yes for females the two are different.
    A woman’s beauty, to me, is neither the anorexic picture posted, nor the muscular crossfit athletes. Its a gentle shape which puts the accent on the correct proportions. To look FEMININE above all. The antithesis of which is MASCULINE (muscular, no shapes, etc).
    Now a woman can do SOME strength training, but I believe if its overly done, it will not yield beautiful result.

    On the other hand…Athleticism is valued in a man because it is MASCULINE. The man is historically built for war, hunting, etc…So a body which fulfills these objectives is admired (as opposed to a weak feminine body).

    You might hate these ideas as much as you want. But this is biology. Females and males are built differently and have different roles in society. A female is a Venus, a Goddess of fertility. A man is a brutal God of War, Mars.

    Kudos of course to Athletic women.
    But they do not represent the ideal of feminine beauty, which is gentle.
    Look at a statue of the Ancient Greek goddess of Aphrodite or Artemis, and you will know what I mean.

    • Molly says:

      All I can say in response to this comment is a big “UGH!!!”. Sir, women come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. As a woman I will do my best to ignore the comment, that you, a man, felt it necessary to make about what you believe constitutes the universal ideal or standard of the feminine form or shape. It’s your opinion, nothing more. Please don’t delude yourself into believing that you are somehow the arbiter of what the world should recognize as beautiful in a woman’s shape. Ugh! The arrogance!!!

  273. Dan says:

    Okay gang: Like it or not CF, in one form or another….is here to stay. Heck, you can find, if you look hard enough, studios that still offer Jazzercise (or however it’s spelled. Interested me like disco…zip, zero, nada). So, bashing it is not going to make it go away. I would venture it will stoke more interest. Yeah, it’s not perfect aka not for the greater masses, but, what form of exercise is, it does get it’s participants off their duffs to burn away excess calories, build muscle & confidence or maybe just enhance what they already have. By the way, isn’t that the number one complaint from doctors et al in this country at least? Too many couch potatoes? Now, to those who should know better… the “Bulkiness” concern is nothing more than a Strawman. No roids, no hugh manly muscles. Unless yer emasculated a strong woman…physically, mentally etc. should not be a deal breaker. Unless you want someone who gets blown away in a stiff wind like tissue paper. My biggest worry would be that as these guys & gals age they’ll forget who brung then to the dance. Their incredible physical selves.Just as everyone has a right to the first amendment so too nobody has to be forced to listen. Ignore CF if you find it repulsive & let ’em have their fun. I think those involved know what their getting in to.

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  276. Amy says:

    Absolutely LOVE this. Real words. Biblical back up.. love it. Retired D1 female athlete..I’m 5’4″ and have always wanted the “skinny” look even though we’ve trained hard, but I’m athletic and that’s not my body type. Since I’ve retired, I’ve fallen in love with weight lifting as my release for ending my athletic career. Crossfit has been one way for me to keep my competitive edge. Great post though. All so true.

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  278. Marie Albarran says:

    Thank you for this truthful article. In my search about crossfit and does it make you bulky, you are the only writer who HAS used scripture to remind us of are worldly thoughts and views regarding the female body. Thank God you are keeping your temple holy and spreading your knowledge about health and well being. Thank you once again. God bless!

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